MUSIC: Danielle Rose

Has anyone listened to her CD Mysteries?

I absolutely LOVE it and would highly recommend it.
But, I couldn’t find any info about her on this forum.

Ok, I’m guess no one has heard of her or not heard the CD.

Here is a link to her website and if you click on the Mysteries CD cover it will take you another website where you can hear samples. I think every Catholic should have a copy of this CD.

I heard her song on the crown of thorns during Lent on our local Catholic radio station. I asked a friend about it and she had the CD that she let me borrow.

I have to say that her insights into each of the 20 mysteries of the Rosary are astounding! In reading about the songs, she mentions that each of the songs were composed in front of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament! I think they are truly anointed by God. Even if you’ve been praying and meditating on the mysteries for years, you’re sure to find new insight in her songs.

I use them often when praying the Rosary.

Wow! I’m so glad that someone else has heard of her and her music! I was so disappointed that no one responded because that mysteries cd is so BEAUTIFUL! I’m actually in the process of making a copy of the cd for our church’s Women’s ACTS retreat.
I really feel the Holy Spirit when I listen to this cd.

Where can I listen to a sample of her music?

Go here for samples:

Type in her name in the search box, then click on the CD from which you want to hear songs.

Wow. Thank you Didi. What a voice, what a tribute to what beauty really is.

she has some of the most beautiful and touching songs about Jesus i have ever heard. every Catholic should know her, and anyone in love with God will weep with joy.

I got the Mysteries CD at a recent evangeliztion conference. I had downloaded 2 of her songs from iTunes from her I Thirst CD. I heard last year that she was joining a religious order.

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