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I think this was asked in a different thread but I don’t think it was answered. I previously didn’t believe that downloading was a sin, and have now come to see that it is. However, I now have a collection of music on my computer, some of which came via iTunes and some from downloads - I do not remember which is which, as my iTunes broke and deleted my entire purchase history. What should I do?


This one’s right up my alley: I’m an Apple computer technician as well as someone who lost a hard drive and most of its data.

You’re right on the questionable downloads…consider this a purge by God. If you’ve confessed the use of stolen music already, you’re good.

Now to get back your purchases.

It may be that iTunes itself is only broken, but your iTunes Library, a folder in My Documents/My Music (on Windows) or the Music folder (on a Mac) may still remain. First try to use the Store–>Deauthorize Computer in iTunes if you can launch it, then uninstall and reinstall iTunes and add your Apple ID and authorize the computer.

You can use iTunes 8.0 or later (9.1 is the current version) to restore your stuff if you still have your iPod and it still contains your purchases. This Apple support page summarizes how to use the Transfer from your iPod option to pull your purchased music from the iPod itself. It won’t move your non-purchased music.

Officially, Apple allows you one download. But Apple foresees that some people will have a catastrophe data loss and not have foresight to make backups. If you cannot retrieve your music, call Apple Support at 800-275-2273 if you have an iPod, or 800-694-7466 if you have an iPhone. Apple has been known to allow a one-time complete re-download of all your purchases on one Apple ID, after a little groveling from you and a big lecture from them on the concept of BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

You can also check the format of your music (unless you’re changed it). Within iTunes a purchased song under “kind” will be called a “Purchased AAC audio file” (or if it’s older it may be a “Protected AAC audio file” or something), and the last letters of the file will be “.m4a” (most “less than ethically” downloaded music comes in a “.mp3” files).

Thank you both. I’ll try those methods, and hopefully it will work. It’s ok to keep music copyed from a CD that I (or my parents) own, though, right?

You are allowed to make backups of your purchases, yes.

You’re not allowed to use the backups of others (outside of your own family, generally) for your use. I’m sure you see why.

Be sure to back things up next time! :slight_smile:

As a songwriter myself I can say this is a topic that raises my blood pressure. I used to have music that didn’t belong to me but came to the realization a few years ago that if it makes me angry to think others would steal from me then it would make others angry that I had their music without paying for it. Now I don’t have anything on my computer that I didn’t pay for. The question is whether it’s a venial or mortal sin, because it is theft. An article I read on New Advent said it can become a mortal sin when the collective theft of many severely damages the person that is stolen from. Not all music is made by millionaire rock stars. There is a lot of music made by struggling working class musicians that have to find other avenues to generate revenue because there is no money to made in recording anymore due to piracy. The other people who get hurt are recording engineers, songwriters, and all the ancillary support services in the recording industry. Studios have to close everyday because of piracy. What’s really sad is most people just mock those they steal from for getting upset about it. Unless the artist or record company specifically tells you that you can download it for free then it’s theft, and could be a mortal sin depending on the collective damage that’s inflicted on those who made it.

Thank you. Of course, that’s what I meant - mainly I have some songs from my parents’ cds, which I thought were probably ok.

I went through this, and decided to delete everything that I didn’t purchase or get directly from a friend or a cd. (iffy of the two last ones.) Serious purging, Painful, but it’s all for a better me.

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