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In our parish, on Sunday evenings, Evening Prayer is sung, and, after this, a time of Eucharistic Adoration. In the middle of Adoration, the organist has been playing some wonderful hymns, but utilizing flood shaking bass pedal action, etc. Needless to say, the stillness of Adoration is quickly disrupted, and this continues until the priest arises to continue the prayers of Benediction.

I understand that Adoration can be accompanied by songs, Scripture, prayers, etc., but I question this action, as it takes place during almost half the total time of Adoration (approx. 15 minutes of adoration...7-8 minutes of organ music).

I'm not seeking a "is this right" response, but looking for input as to shared or similar experiences, and if it continued.



I prefer silence, as each person at adoration is spending “time alone with the one we know loves us,” (St. Teresa of Avila)
That being said, I was at a retreat 10 or so years back, and while I was in the adoration chapel I could hear music softly played and sung in the main church. The particular song led me in a deep healing, sobbing, in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Thank you, dear Jesus!

But it was in no way as you describe “shaking bass.” Perhaps you can find a moment to respectfully discuss this with the priest in private. There may be a reason for the music, but perhaps he could get it toned down, or recommend another time of quiet adoration and devotion. Don’t forget the silent prayers after Mass of praise and thanksgiving, while Jesus is within you in the Eucharist. Blessings, James, as you continue to adore!


At our abbey, adoration follows Sunday Vespers (in Latin Gregorian chant). Latin hymns are chanted during Benediction, but afterwards there’s a 30 minute period of adoration in total silence. The church lights are turned out except for the monstrance which is illuminated on the altar. It is a very special moment.


I personally prefer silence at adoration, but appropriate hymns can help.
It’s hard to find silence in the world. It’s good for our spiritual health.


Yes, there’s nothing wrong with hymns/appropriate music during adoration. Mostly it just depends on the individual person. It helps some people, others it distracts. Me, it distracts me, being a person interested in music. That’s why I prefer going to a weekly Adoration hour during which there is no music. I am blessed to have this opportunity at my parish(es). Whenever it is not an option to do this, if music is played at these types of Adoration (after Benediction, other short periods of Adoration), then we just have do deal with it. Although I personally would consider asking to alternate - perhaps one time they do it, do it with music, the next, without.


That is a lot like how they do it at the Dominican church I attend. After mass the priest opens up the doors to the monstrance, and the priests kneel in front of the altar, and we all sing “O Salutaris Hostia” in Latin and then the priests leave and they turn off the lights. You can stay as long as you like in adoration.


That sounds beautiful and i can bet it would be a moving experience.


Being interested in music, I love the idea of singing hymns or playing organ or piano for our Lord…however, that would always need to be done very quietly so as to not distract or disturb others. The organ needs to be toned down


It’s ok to have music during adoration, but it’s also an ideal time for contemplative prayer. Since your church has adoration in conjunction with evening prayer and benediction and the time for adoration is so short, it would be best to keep the hymns in evening prayer and benediction. Please discuss your concern with the priest.


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