Music for casual listening during Lent?

For Advent and Christmas this year, I put together playlists on Spotify that I could listen to at work or while doing chores or crafts at home. I found this really helped me appreciate the seasons better. I’d like to do the same thing for Lent, but I’m having a much harder time finding good songs. I’m looking more for easy listening, not so much Gregorian chant or lots of Latin. Ideally stuff that my children would be able to appreciate as well, and that could be sung along with - but anything beautiful is also welcome!

Here’s what I have so far - recommendations for other versions of any of these songs that might be better are also welcome:

Parce Domine, Kitty Cleveland
In These Days of Lenten Journey, Ricky Manalo
Behold the Wood, St. Louis Jesuits
Tantum Ergo, Beth Nielsen Chapman
At the Cross Her Station Keeping, WLP Choir
Attende Domine, Kitty Cleveland
Watch the Lamb, Ray Boltz
If Today You Hear God’s Voice, David Hass

Any ideas of what else I could put on here? I’d like to add more English songs especially, though I’m not opposed to Latin.

Like you, I have a lot more songs on my Advent playlist than I do my Lenten playlist. I’ll have to check out some of yours, thanks.

You might try Tenebrae I by Anuna (their other music, including a version of Tantum Ergo, is also very beautiful), The song “Our God’s Alive” by Andy Cherry is a more of a rock anthem-type song, but I like it and it’s appropriate for Easter.

I’ll throw out one more: “Redemption” by Johnny Cash from his “American Recordings” album. :thumbsup:

I don’t have anything to add to your list, but thank you for sharing what you already have on it!

I like “Were You There.” I have no idea if you can find it to listen to.

I just discovered that you can search music by season on OCP, a huge publisher of Catholic hymnals. There are a lot of options on there, some of which might be up your alley or jog your memory.

Thank you all for taking the time to respond! I added “Our God’s Alive” to my Easter list, and Tenebrae to my Lent list. There are a lot of songs by Anuna, and the group is new to me - I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have :slight_smile: I also found a version of “Were You There” by a fellow names Collin Raye that had the simple, quiet tone I prefer for Lenten music. And Johnny Cash will be a good contrast to the Latin-heavy feel right now :wink:

I’ve also found a few more songs since then, if anyone else is interested. My favorites of the new ones:

“Crucify Him” and “Crown of Thorns” by Danielle Rose - she may be one of my favorite artists now
“O Sacred Head” - I went for the Amy Grant version
“Stay With Me”, “Wait for the Lord”, and “Jesus, Remember Me” from Taize
“Surely, he hath Bourne our Griefs” and several others from Handel’s Messiah
“Stricken, Smitten and Afflicted” by Fernando Ortega
“Spem in Alium”, Thomas Tallas (Latin Polyphony)
“Dies Irae”, I went for the version by the Highlander Schola Cantorum (more Latin)

How about
‘Old Rugged Cross’ Brad Paisley
‘When I survey the Wondrous Cross’ Isaac Watts
‘O Come and Mourn with Me Awhile’ Frederick Faber
‘Jesus, My Lord! Behold at Length the Time’

These are lovely songs. There’s also this song ‘O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing.’ I won’t call it a Lenten Hymn but it speaks to me.


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