Music for christmas..?

I am working with the Music Director at my parish to pick music for christmas.

We are an Italian and English parish, so Midnight Mass will be bilingual.

I am in search of solo pieces (or pieces that can be done as solos) in both English and Italian for a program before Midnight Mass. We have a lot of “full choir” stuff and we would like to even it out with some solos.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

You might want to go into ebay and look for the Papal Mass booklet for the Midnight Mass. The Capella Sistene choir used a magnificent setting for the psalm: “Oggi e nasciatto per noi il salvatore.” It is easy to sing; in fact, I remember how it goes.

They began with the entrance antiphon in Latin: You are my Son, this day I have begotten you.

For Communion, they used O Come, All Ye Faithful and for the recessional, Silent Night. I do not remember what they had for the offertory.

“Cantata Pastorale per la Navita” by Alessandro Scarlatti

It is a cantata in Italian for solo voice. You can purchase the sheet music with just a reduced keyboard score or for small chamber ensemble. It consists of a group of solos, so you don’t have to do the entire cantata and just parts of it. A beautiful work. I did a part of it last year and fell in love with the work, especially the first recit and solo.

Also you can possibly do an English version of “Maria Wiegenlied” aka “The Virgin Slumber Song” by Max Reger. I couldn’t find a good version of it in English:

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