Music for Easter Dismissal

I am looking for the sheet music for the Easter Dismissal as chanted by a priest of deacon. I’ve searched several websites and have not found it. (Yes, I’m cheap so I don’t want to buy a whole book just for one small piece).

If there is an audio track available, too, that would be nice. I have a link to someone chanting it on youtube, but the quality is not the best.

Easter Dismissal:
“Go in the peace of Christ. Alleluia. Alleluia.
–Thanks be to God. Alleluia. Alleluia”

Here you go. This is in Latin, but you can easily put the English words with it:

Great! Thanks.

Beat me to it, Mark!
Here’s what we usually do at our parish (english equiv. of Mark’s but in “semi-modern” notation).

Ah, good, I didn’t know where to look to find five-line notation, so I’m glad you posted that. (Though ideally if you’re distributing this to a congregation one would spell “Dismissal” correctly! :p)


I really need to use spell check more… (or learn how to spell:p).
Do you want a high res version (that is tidied up, I did the first one quickly)?

By the way, where did you find yours? I made mine by hand, but it appears you didn’t.

Spell check, done!!! :smiley:

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Oh, haha, I thought you cut and pasted it from some worship aid your church used. I wouldn’t have mocked the spelling if I knew it was just something you threw together for this post! I cut and pasted mine from a pdf of the Liber Usualis.

Don’t worry about it, sometimes I need those reminders, although it’s basically what we use in our worship aid (only they spell it correctly!).

But the Benedicamus Domino is never used during Easter. It is always the Ite, Missa est. :confused:

D’oh!!! That’s what I get for not looking hard enough – I wind up copying the Benedicamus Domino from Easter Day vespers because it had the same double Alleluia. In the back of my mind something seemed a little off! Thanks for the correction.

All right, then here goes try #2, this time from the Gregorian Missal:

and try # 3 in modern notation (from me):

and my try # 2 in modern-stemless notation:

Now is there anyway anybody can send me a good singing voice? Else, when I chant the dismissal, everyone will quickly dismiss themselves.

Yes, but only the Alleluia really has any music! Take any other imperative phrase with a masculine ending and raise the last word a whole-tone and presto! American priests almost from the time of publication of the Pauline missal have been making up their own words for the dismissal (and a great deal else in the Mass), troping on the fact that the English-speaking bishops managed to get some deviations from the traditional Latin formulation approved. I haven’t heard “go in peace and don’t forget to feed the cat, alleluia” yet, but am not sure there aren’t some priests who would use that if they were in the mood.

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