MUSIC: Girl Talk [artist] - All Day

Has anyone else downloaded this...this...don't want to call it an 'album', but it's the coolest thing I have heard in a LONG time. Every imaginable song from the past three decades is sampled on practically every track. And, yes, before the naysayers come out of the woodwork, it's legal:
On the surface, Girl Talk's music is just hundreds of snippets from copyright tracks strung together, but somehow no one has attempted to bring the man to court for violating "fair use." The reason, it seems, is that he discovered quite a loophole: he doesn't make money off the gratis albums and then there's the fact that he transforms the samples into non-destructive music. The DJ samples some artists that have a history of being involved in copyright cases like The Rolling Stones, but they'll probably let it slide. Labels could still technically sue him, but there's a reason no one has even tried: the legal costs would be more than what they would get in return.*

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