MUSIC: Hildegard von Bingen

I know there are others here who like her music. What are your favorites?

Reason I ask is that I’d only heard Anuna’s tracks of her music, until I discovered a CD supposed to be completely her music (turned out it was somewhat less than half her music; the tamest of her music I’ve heard).

Anyone else like Godric of Yorkshire? Best known for “Sainte Nicholaes” but the Kyrie of his “Crist and Sainte Marie” is one of my favorites (short, sometimes put it on repeat for background while praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet).

I’ve got two CDs of Hildegard, there’s some overlap but I don’t think you could put all her music on just one CD.

Anyways, my favourite of the two is this one:

and the other is this one:

If I had to nominate a favourite track … I think ‘O Euchari’ from the second CD, has some spine-tinglingly unearthly high notes.

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