MUSIC: Journey - Their New CD and Singer

Has anyone bought the new Journey CD “Revelation” featuring their new singer, Arnel Pineda? I read about him and how Neal Schon found him on You Tube. The guy sounds just like Steve Perry!

What do you all think???

This guy sounds"exactly" like Steave Perry.Great singer.:slight_smile:

I heard that they were going to debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, so I tuned in. That was about a month ago. I couldn’t believe how much the new singer sounds like Steve Perry! Now they can sing their old songs and it will sound authentic. I will buy their new album for sure:thumbsup: !

That is totally uncanny!!! Wow!


I saw the new CD at the store and almost considered getting it until I looked at the back and realized that they had some new singer. How could it be Journey without Steve Perry?

Then, on a subsequent trip to the store, the TVs all had some concert footage of the new Journey singing my fave song “Separate Ways.” At first, I thought it was Steve Perry singing until I looked at the screens and saw that it definitely wasn’t. I may have to reconsider! :slight_smile:

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