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So I like Megadeth, I really respect that the singer is a Christian, not a Catholic, but a Christian nontheless, and I really respect him for refusing to play with those satanic bands, I’m looking to expand my album collection, and some of their early songs seem to have occult themes, can someone who’s familer with them comment on this? I figure thats why they refuse to play some songs live anymore, but can someone tell me if this is true? Would it be ok to buy these albums?

Now that I look into it a bit more, they seem anti-occult. Though they don’t seem that way from the song titles, but can anyone else comment?

Rust in Peace is one of the best metal albums ever made. Get it.

As far as the occult stuff goes, I don’t know for sure. I’m sure you could look it up on Wikipedia or something like that. My opinion is that since Dave Mustaine (singer and guitarist) used to be a heroin addict and an alcoholic, he probably wasn’t the most Christian of people back in the 80s (he got kicked out of Metallica, remember). So the occult things like the cover of “Killing is My Business” and such could just be the idiotic rebelliousness of the secular youth and such.

A fun fact. Dave Mustaine was a founding member of Metallica. He recorded 1 1/2 albums with them, Kill 'Em All and half of Master of Puppets. So he played guitar on all the -]good/-] amazing stuff on Kill 'Em All. He got kicked out shortly after recording the title song of Master of Puppets. Metallica says that they replaced the MoP stuff by Dave Mustaine after he left, but Dave Mustaine says that his stuff is still there and Metallica is lying. Oh well, I believe Dave.


I have Rust in Peace, but that’s it, and I have 6 metallica albums, the first 5 and the latest, those are the only ones worth buying, and I think you mean Ride the Lightning, he wrote some riffs they use. and he did write alot of the songs on Kill em’ All, they re recorded the KEA suff, not the MOP stuff, I dont think Dave had anything to do with MOP.

I’ve heard that Coundown to Extinction is really good. I’ve also heard that Youthanasia is good as well.

Another fun fact. Listen to the Megadeth song The Mechanix. Then listen to the Metallica song The Four Horsemen. Dave wrote The Mechanix and then Metallica slowed it down and threw in a bridge, and made it The Four Horsemen.


I think Megadeth is incredible. I heard Dave Mustaine is a born again Christian. Any truth to this?

Completely true actually.

That just made my day! Another persn coming to the love of Christ!!!

Thank you!

Welcome! I think he’s been a Christian since the early 2000s.

I’ve got most of Megadeth’s albums (except for “Killing is my Business” and all the albums after “Risk”) My favorite albums are Countdown and Youthanasia. I haven’t noticed any occult themes in any of their songs, but I haven’t paid a good deal of attention to the lyrics on the earlier albums. Most of their stuff tends to be more political in theme (“Peace Sells”, for example).

I think alot of times, some people will look for reasons not to like a certian band, like Megadeth. While they might never have been overtly religious, I don’t think alot of their lyrics were evil or satanic or anything of the sort.

It is a huge pet peeve of mine when people critique Metal out of sheer ignorance.

Actually 1997, his record producer or something said he was going to Church on a Sunday, and Dave tagged along, thats what started it. He’s not a Catholic, but a Christian nontheless, even if he has some wrong ideas, he’s far better than most celeberties, and he actually stands up for Christ, even if it would hurt him financially. Hopefully he’ll be led to the Catholic Church, and I think we should pray for that, but I really respect him for refusing to play with those bands.

Not wanting to tarnish your shining representation of Dave, but do you know what those wrong ideas are? I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a more liberal type of Christian (most Hollywood and music people lean to the left) and so has some wrong ideas on homosexuality and abortion and the like. I’m not judging him, but it seems that due to his background he would give those areas more leeway in his faith.

I like metal, although I choose not to listen to some of it, (such as Slayer) because of the lyrical content. I was looking at the tracks on Peace Sells, some of the songs seemed evil, but I looked at the lyrics, and they actually seemed against that stuff.

I don’t know, has he ever stated his positions on those things?

I read a book for a research paper in college that looked at the lyrical content of the big names in heavy metal back in the 80’s (Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, I can’t remember if they looked at Slayer or not). They found that most of the lyrics that appear to promote evil things actually do the opposite. I think that’s because, many heavy metal acts like to be provocative.

I would look at the lyrics myself, as you seem to already be doing.

I agree with this, and I avoid some metal as well because of lyrical content. However, we simply cannot typecast all metal, even death metal (Soul Embraced is a classic death metal Christian band) as immoral. Just because a band is death metal doesn’t mean it’s music is fundamentally immoral.

Well Slayer has songs that mock the Lord. They have some extremely anti-christian songs. Mostly written by the guitarist.

There death metal? I’ve started a thread looking for good Christian thrash and death metal bands,check it out, but from the 30 second clips I listned too, they didnt seem like the death metal I know. To me, death metal is brutally thrashy muisc that shatters windows, they didn’t sound like that, maybe it’s the production? Can you explain this band more? Whats there best album?

I know, that’s what makes me question whether their songs were addressed in the book I read. I must admit, I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard a Slayer song (and from what I hear, it’s probably best I keep it that way!).

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