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Does anyone else here the music going today, is mocking god, like I heard a song on radio I can’t exactly remember the singer or lyrics, but it was basically like, mocking crucifixion, when I listened closely like it was like saying I’ll give you my body or summin.

Probably, but I don’t listen to “music” produced today. In my opinion, the last music worth mass public consumption came out in the mid 90’s, and that was all pretty weak. Luckily you don’t have to listen to any of it. Turn the dial, press a button, keep scrolling. You know, whatever it takes.:dragon:

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Without a more specific reference to a particular song, I have no idea what you’re mentioning.
I don’t listen to most popular music that comes out today so it’s not really on my radar.
It’s pretty easy to just not listen to music that seems immoral to you.

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Don’t listen to popular music either. I have my favorite groups which are enough for me.

It probably had more to do with sex than crucifixion.

Like others have said, without a specific reference we can’t really help you.

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^^^ This.

I like to think I’m still pretty hip and with it and I have no idea what lyrics you’re talking about.

I don’t really like popular music.

I love to listen to hymns accompanied by a pipe organ. You should try it.

I honestly don’t think it’s POP music.

No the music was literally mockin the church, i can’t remember full lyrics. But I connected it up and was like yep that’s songs evil.

OK, it sounds like some sort of “fringe” or outside genre that isn’t at the forefront of music today. That’s kind of how your OP made it sound, like it’s popular music that gets a lot of radio play.

Where I’m at, it doesn’t sound like that.

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