MUSIC: New Slayer Album

To all my fellow Catholic metalheads:

World Painted Blood has arrived. I just listened to the whole thing, beginning to end, and was completely blown away. Its just a incredible.


Or you can prolly get it on youtube or something,

Oh btw guys pray for Tom Araya, he got back surgery this morning so pray for his speedy recovery.

Eh, Slayer is overrated. Demolition Hammer is how I like my thrash.

As a longtime Slayer fan myself, I shall definitely be checking their new album out. I wasn’t all that blown away by their previous effort, I have to confess, so I’ll be interested to see if they redeem themselves with this one. On the subject of new releases, I just picked up a copy of Suffocation’s latest effort (after seeing that band play in my neck of the woods last night), but have yet to listen to it, so we’ll see how that one goes.

Ah, someone else who recognizes the musical genius that was Demolition Hammer! I really get into their stuff myself, and was always amused by the way a lot of their songs were actually quite educational, both in their subject matter (eg Neanderthal, Pyroclastic Annihilation, Omnivore) and vocabulary. Who says metal’s only for morons?

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