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I’ve been very hesitant to post this topic, because I probably already know that most people on this site are not fans of the German rock band Rammstein.
They are my favorite band. Their talent is just out of this world. Their songs can be a bit disturbing, and at first glance some may find them offensive. I don’t a lot of research into their lyrics and found that even the more disturbing ones have hidden meanings, so you can just judge them without really thinking about what their saying. Unfortunately alot of meaning is sometimes lost in translation. I’m german and understand what their saying, but I’ve noticed that alot of the english translations found on the web are wrong.
Anyways, I was just wondering if their are other Rammstein fans on this site?
And please, out of respect, if you don’t like them do not call them a nazi band. I’m German and very proud of my natioality, so I would take that as a personal insult.

I do not speak German, but I do like the song “Du Hast”. I have no idea what it is about, but it sounds cool. I also like KMFDM and Kraftwerk. I never had any desire to look for translations of Rammstein’s lyrics. I just think their songs sound cool. I really never cared what they were saying.

They’re fun every now and again, although I just don’t listen to that type of music too much these days (been on a funk/blues kick for a while). Also a sometimes fan of Megaherz and Laibach, among other groups in the ‘loud, bombastic, German/Slovenian’ genre :slight_smile:

Laura: ‘Du Hast’ is a long-drawn-out pun on wedding vows. ‘Du hast’ means ‘you have’, ‘du haßt’ (esszett is two s’s) means ‘you hate’.

I like Laibach too.

I just started playing Rammstein on Yahoo Music since I got interested again, thanks to this thread. I was listening to alt-country earlier. :smiley: I like all kinds of music.

I’ve listened to Rammstein for years and I don’t think I’m any worse for it. Besides, they do sound awesome.

I agree. Someone once told me that I was sinning by listening to their music. Their music has no affect on my faith. I still say the rosary and devine mercy everyday, still read the bible, and I go to mass every sunday, not because I feel I have to but because I want to.

That’s true – you have to listen to the whole drawn out sentence. "Du . . . " "Du hast . . . " "Du hast mich . . . " At this point I thought they were saying “You hate me,” then the next sentence is “Du hast mich gesagt” – "You have said to me . . . "

I’ve never listened to Rammstein, but some of my favorite bands are German (Blind Guardian, Helloween, Gamma Ray). Is Rammstein at all similar? The only thing I know about them is that they sing in German and not English. :shrug:

I’ve never heard of those bands, but I’ll look them up and let you know if Rammstein is similar:thumbsup:

I don’t know Gamma Ray, but I’ve heard a little by Blind Guardian and Helloween. They’re different – power metal tends to be sillier (sometimes intentionally; you could probably get away with calling several bands in that genre ‘Dungeons and Dragons metal’), more glam-inspired, with lots of guitar wankery. Rammstein calls what they do ‘tanzmetal’ or dance metal: more of an industrial base, heavier on the keyboards (they can still be plenty silly though).

For you, I’d suggest Edguy, and the German folk metal/mittelalterrock scene: Subway to Sally (the band that got me into the whole thing… oh hey, they have a new album out!), In Extremo, Tanzwut, Schandmaul, and Corvus Corax to start out.

Also, it should be noted that Rammstein have done three (last I counted) songs in English: translations of Du Hast (bad), Engel (bad), and a cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Stripped’ (hilarious).

Thanks for the descriptions! Gamma Ray was started by an ex-Helloween member, so they’re pretty similar. What can I say, I like D&D metal. :blush: (not that I don’t like other stuff, too)

My brother has all the Edguy albums and he likes them a lot, though I haven’t gotten around to listening to them myself yet. I haven’t heard of the rest of those guys. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks!

I never heard the English version of “Du Hast”. I have heard the cover of “Stripped”. It is funny! :smiley:

I don’t care for power metal in general, but you know, there’s an exception to everything. I genuinely like Edguy. Anybody who can keep up a falsetto scream while doing a flying splits has my respect, it’s high time somebody released an album called ‘Lavatory Love Machine’, and the Van Halen parody video was a stitch. They don’t take themselves seriously, they just write good, if over-the-top, music – and I dig that.

On the others, I’d suggest starting with Subway to Sally and Tanzwut first. Tanzwut might actually make a good ‘bridge’ toward the Rammstein end of things – they combine folk metal with extremely danceable beats. Their arrangement of Beethoven’s ‘Freude, Schöner Götterfunken’ interspersed with some of Mephistopheles’ best lines from Goethe’s Faust is amazing.

[quote=lak611]never heard the English version of “Du Hast”. I have heard the cover of “Stripped”. It is funny! :smiley:

I’m just gonna say this: the line ‘You hate me to say, and I have not obeyed’ is in there. It just doesn’t work nearly as well as it did in the original :o

I was at a monastery in Germany and we (the choir) practiced an instrumental a capella version of some Rammstein song.

I agree that the english version of Du hast is pretty bad (they should stick to english), but I actually really like Stripped, it’s one of my favorite songs by them. Till’s english is kinda funny sounding though:p

I was about to post this topic, but hesitated. Anyway, I’m a big fan of Rammstein. I even have “Amerika” as my ringtone. Beside Rammstein, I also like E Nomine, Kreftwerk, and Gregorian.

Kreftwerk: Da Model

Gregorian: So Sad, Engel, Ave Santani, Join Me, Moment of Peace, Raven.

Do you mean that they should stick to German? :confused:

I love Kraftwerk.

Where did you get the Rammstein “Amerika” ringtone?

You can make your own ringtone with Roxio.

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