Music Recommendations for Rite of Sprinkling and Offertory at Pro-Life Mass?

Can anyone here recommend good songs/hymns during the Rite of Sprinkling and during the Offertoryin the context of a pro-life Mass? Both will take a fairly long time at my parish so we need fairly long pieces. Thank you.

Well, I can’t really find some that would specifically go with “Pro-life” Masses, but my organist will usually use during the Easter season:

Water of Life by Stephen Dean

Refrain: Water of Life, cleanse and refresh us, raise us to life in Christ Jesus!


  1. All you who thirst, come to the waters, and you shall never be thirsty again. Refrain
  2. As rain from heaven, so is God’s word, it waters the earth and brings forth life. Refrain
  3. Dying with Christ, so we shall rise with him, death shall now longer have pow’r over us. Refrain
    4.Turn to the Lord, cast off your wickedness, you will find peace in his infinite love. Refrain

Sheet Music:

I Saw Water Flowing

Refrain: I saw water flowing from the right side of the temple, Alleuia, Alleluia.


  1. The water flowed, Alleluia! Flowed from the temple, Alleluia! Refrain
  2. It brought God’s life, Alleluia! And his salvation, Alleluia! Refrain
  3. The people sang, Alleluia! They sang in joyful praise, Alleluia! Refrain

River of Glory

Refrain: River of Glory, springs of our birth. Flood of God’s riches poured on the earth, we are born from the darkness and clothed in the light, we are bathed in the Glory of God!


1: Fountain of mercy, grace flowing free, streams of salvation, spilling with love from a tree! Refrain
2. Here there is haven, healing and health, joy for the asking, love in abundance of wealth! Refrain
3. Bread for the journey God will provide. Hope for all ages, Jesus, companion and guide! Refrain
4. Darkness is banished, night turned away, Christ is our sunlight, lifting and leading our way! Refrain

Thank you for your kind input…

For the offertory, I would pick either Our Father, We Have Wandered (to remind us that abortion is a sin), or even the Attende Domine, which also pleads for God’s mercy. Even though both have more of a Lenten feel to them (Attende Domine is a Lenten piece, known in English as Have Mercy on Us Lord, Graciously Hear us), we need to make some atonement for this grievous sin and send a powerful message that we need God’s mercy on our country for continuing to allow this scourge to happen.

This might be appropriate I’ll let you decide. It’s a hymn called “Jesus Teach Me How To Pray”. It is sung mostly when our young children make their first communion or as a second communion hymn on Sunday. I know this post isn’t about communion but it would make a good offertory tune I think in a pro-life mass.:slight_smile:

A few offertory hymns I think would work would be:

“Holy God, We Praise Thy Name”
“I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light”
“I Know That My Redeemer Lives”
“Our Hope is in the Lord”

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