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There are plenty of good sites for movie reviews and ratings for parents. Are there any good sites for music and musical artist reviews? I’m thinking that there should be something out there that says such and such artist has several questionable songs that promote such and such. My oldest daughter is growing out of the kid music and she came home asking if I would get the song Whistle by Flo Rida on her mp3 player, apparently lots of kids were listening to it. I played a sample, than not really believing the lyrics, I looked up the lyrics. From an 11-year old girls view point, it was harmless, but the innuendo was horrible. Needless to say I didn’t get the song for her.

I think something like that would be hard to maintain, for the simple reason that there are SOOO many musicians out there. It’s much easier to record a song than to make a movie and get it released in the movie theaters.

Good question. Remember when Tipper Gore tried to start the PMRC(Parents Music Resource Center). She got so much criticism from her liberal friends that she had to spend years promoting abortion to get back in their favor.

That’s true. Hollywood produces about 300 films a year. If you count only those receiving wide release, the number goes down even more.

I don’t know exact figures, but I’m willing to bet that even the most obscure sub-genre of music produces that number of albums per year and then some. It would be a much more monumental task.

It’s not a bad idea, provided it is done well. I really like Steve Greydanus’ “Decent Films” website. He gives a pretty well rounded picture of each film he reviews and judges both its artistic and spiritual merits. It would be cool to see something equivalent for music. But it would probably take a couple dozen people like Steve Greydanus working together to sustain the effort.

Probably the easiest way I can imagine such a site being maintained is if it were a wiki where loads of people could contribute. It would need to be set up properly with some well thought out ground rules for posting from a faith-based perspective.

But even with all that, it’s often enough for us just to take a listen and read through the lyrics for ourselves. So it might be superfluous anyway. :shrug:

Focus on the Family’s Plugged In website includes music reviews. also has some music reviews. They aren’t Catholic, or faith based in any way, but they seem to be pretty descriptive of what each song contains.

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