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Stumbled across this in my continued search for a regular parish in Detroit (still attending TLM when I’m down here), struck me as a rather unique music style - I know there are music debates that pop up on here on a regular basis, so I thought I would see what people thought:!

It seems like an attempt to mix traditional music with a slightly livelier style.

Also, as a side interest, this has to be one of the most unique churches in the United States, with a sanctuary with three levels of seating, including the basement, which has its own high altar, but from where the main altar can be seen through a cutout in the floor:


it’s unfortunate that they are corrupting the liturgical celebration. That’s all I will say at the present moment.

Redemptionis Sacramentum 31.


Not my particular cup of tea for sure, but nonetheless it is Catholics having Mass with contemporary music.

Redemtionis Sacramentum 31?
You should cite some specific objections if you are going to accuse Catholics of corrupting the liturgy.


Yuck. It calls itself a Motown mass but I think Berry Gordy would cringe to see the Motown name associated with this cacophony.

I have seen this church once when a friend and I were taking our own tour of old Catholic churches in Detroit - it is very unusual from an architectural standpoint.


at least once, they were modifying the texts of the ordinary of the Mass. RS 31 says clearly that if you change the appointed texts of the Mass, you are corrupting the liturgy. The church’s words, not mine.

In addition, the musical value of the mass is very questionable. The church has clearly said that the further a piece of music gets in style from gregorian chant, the less suitable it is for the liturgy.

How smooth of a transition would the holy from this Mass be when played before this? This music is simply not suitable for Mass by that standard. 'nuf said.

Why can’t we get over this idea that all music is equal and of equal merit?

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