MUSIC: Soft Hard songs

This thread is meant for the sake of listing songs which were soft, or at least a very good portion was, from people or groups that typically didn’t sing that way (particularly hard rockers). I don’t mean that you necessarily liked the song, but it was a song that was much softer then the general fare those singer(s) made.

  1. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
  2. Beth - KISS
  3. The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin

That’s all I can think of for the moment.

  1. Love is on the Way - Saigon Kick
  2. Silent Lucidity - Queensryche
  3. More Than Words - Extreme
  4. To Be With You - Mr. Big

These are some of the more popular ones that I know. I could give you a bunch of obscure ones, but I don’t know if that would be helpful. :slight_smile:

  1. Solitude - Black Sabbath
  2. Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath
  3. Love of My Life - Queen (not exactly hard musicians though)

Obscure is just fine. I listed a Queen song, though I don’t really think of them as hard, but I don’t know what to make of them as categories go. The song I listed was probably their softest though.

Some of the top40 artists have a bunch of songs that would be slit down the middle, between pop and hard, and they often have so much soft it’s large enough to be typical of their music, therefore making them undesirable here. There’s defintiely softer and/or better soft music than we’ve listed by those sort of artists, but contrast is what I’m looking for. I have something of a special affection for when artists go out of their own genre quite a bit. I guess soft artists going hard can be equally interesting at times, like the Osmonds doing Crazy Horses.

Interesting is one adjective for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

So you saw it, huh? Part of the point of this thread is to get a bunch of songs so I can see if I can find them on youtube and check them that way. I did go check the Crazy Horses vid, as I had never seen one before today, but I do have an old Osmonds album where I learned of that song many eons ago. I have played that song for some acquaintances, and when I told them it was the Osmonds afterwards, they were in disbelief. It’s pretty radical for them. Was that Donny on the keyboards? The lead singer looks a lot like him. Hard to picture Donny not being their lead.

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica’s first love song

Well, if you don’t mind obscure…

*]The Eldar - Blind Guardian
*]Hold On - Conception
*]Space-Dye Vest - Dream Theater
*]Easy To Love - Galactic Cowboys
*]Don’t You Cry - Kamelot
*]The Day That I Met You - Lillian Axe
*]A Tout Le Monde - Megadeth
*]Second Love - Pain of Salvation
*]Lady Jane - Queensryche
*]Sleep - Savatage
*]Spoken Words - Shadow Gallery
*]I’ll Be There - Silent Force
*]Constance Eternal - Skyclad
*]Final Resting Place - SouthGang
*]Forever - Stratovarius
*]Honestly - Stryper
*]Until The End - Superior
*]Lament For Lorien - Wuthering Heights

Most of these are straight-up ballads, but a few are “power ballads”. If you want more power ballads, that would be a whole other list. :slight_smile:

I have to re-echo Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters and Megadeth’s A Tout Le Monde

I may be one of the only people that likes this song, but I am very touched by Megadeth’s “Promises” off of the World needs a Hero album. I mean, it is embarassing how emotional I get over it :blush:

This is bizarre! Somebody retitled this thread. I have never seen that happen on any forum before. I meant to keep the title vague. Oh well…

I’m sure the mods are trying to help you out. The re-titling should help get people in here who would be interested in your topic, but would otherwise skip it due to its vagueness.

I know that happens for me. With hundreds (thousands?) of potential threads to check out, I usually skip ones that aren’t immediately clear to me what the topic is.

I’m not sure what you mean by "power ballads, but to me that means harder music, which as you are thinking would be another list. The Prophet’s Song by Queen would fit that really well. It’s certainly one of the more interesting songs I’ve ever heard, if not any other reason that I never heard it over the airwaves (a bit too long for that). That song reminds me of After Forever by Black Sabbath, since both are songs of warning, however, Sabbath’s song is not a ballad by any stretch of the imagination.

Oh man, I listened to that Hold On song, and a portion of the tune reminded me of the Ultima series theme. It’s really close to that.

Since this forum includes all types of popular media, the Mod typically retitles the thread so that it is clear which type of media is being discussed (BOOK, MOVIE, TV, MUSIC, etc.)

Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” and Megadeth’s “A Tout Le Monde” are two examples of what I would call a “Power Ballad.” These songs are slower and more mellow than typical metal songs, but they still have a certain “crunch factor” to them when the electric guitars and percussion kick in.

A straight-up ballad would be a slower and more mellow song without this crunch factor. An example would be an all-acoustic song, such as Extreme’s “More Than Words”. Kamelot’s “Don’t You Cry” is another example that is acoustic, but also employs other stringed instruments (cello, violin). Compare that song to some of Kamelot’s other songs (such as “Human Stain”).

Sure, but OTOH I am drawn to something at times because of the mystery. Considering, the subject was music, it was rather fitting.

Van Halen’s Love Comes Walking In?

The emphasis here is on soft done by hard musicians. I’m sure that there’s some Van Halen material that qualifies, but that song isn’t that terribly soft. The other emphasis is on it being out of character. That song while the words might be softer than the usual Van Halen fare, it’s pretty much like a lot of their music. For example, to list a song played by the Osmonds which is soft wouldn’t qualify, because virtually all their music is that way. So what you need is a departture from their usual fare, and a good degree of soft. I don’t know if Sammy Hagar ever had a soft song, but virtually every musician has one somewhere.

I don’t know all that much about Foreigner as to whether I would consider them hard, but these two hits certainly are a departure from their usual fare and are soft:

*I Want to Know What Love is - Foreigner
*Waiting For a Girl Like You - Foreigner

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