Any straightedge people out there?

What do you think of the music? Any good sxe bands?

Do you go around with the ‘X’ on your hand?? An ex-boyfriend of mine (more of a friend, i was 16) would do this… Dad had no idea what it meant and thought he was being a rebel… but when he found out, he decided that he approved of the relationship more. xP

Haha, noone?

I like minor threat & gorilla biscuits. I don’t consider myself straight edge though. I honestly think its kinda silly to walk around with x’s on your hands.

For those that don’t know what straight edge means its part of the punk subculture that has to do with refraining from having sex, drinking and taking drugs. That and a lot of straight edgers usually become vegetarians or vegans.

I always thought it was silly to walk about eith x’s on one’s hands too…
just wondering if this was popular with Catholics. I don’t consider myself straight edge either… but i do like their stand.

I listen to Minor Threat occasionally, but that’s it. I like having fun too much, and it doesn’t help that they tend to be annoying, preachy, and confrontational.

At least I hear they’re less violent these days. Good.

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