MUSIC: The Smiths

Let’s discuss this awesome band. What are your favorite Smiths songs/albums?

One of my favourite bands! Hatful of Hollow and the Queen is dead were two of the best albums of the 80s, IMHO. I think Morrissey had such a great voice.

I definitely agree with you. Morrissey has an amazing voice.

I love The Smiths! The Queen is Dead is great.

Although, as of late I’ve become a bigger fan of Morrissey’s solo stuff.

I like the Smiths but I really only got into Hatful of Hollow. I had Louder Than Bombs for a while when a teen but when i went to replace recently I found I wasnt interested enough in it to get it again.

But Hatful of Hollow is great stuff

Personally, I adore the few instrumental tracks they recorded, and respect them overall as a band. But Morissey’s voice and whole schtick give me the hives and the heaves. :stuck_out_tongue:

best band ever!:slight_smile:

What do you mean? Morrissey has a fantastic voice and a great personality for a frontman. His over-the-top schtick worked.

The Smiths are one of my all-time favorite bands. I have seen Morrissey in concert twice, and absolutely loved it. Johnny Marr is an exceptionally great guitarist. I saw him play the “The The” opening for Depeche Mode. 'Twas a good show indeed. I went to see The The, while my friends really wanted to see Depeche Mode

“How soon is Now” great song. Here a couple of great 80’s links for free internet music without commercials…I will always be stuck in the 80’s!!!

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