Music to my ears...... What music was around in Biblical times?

I’m not sure where I should post this…
The following news article has me thinking about Music in Biblical times… Was it all about giving praise to God, or were there folk songs and other music that was accepted and being played ?

Although this event has now been distorted on the internet into a ‘British Cabbie joke’ it truly has me thinking about what music ‘today’ would be acceptable to God’s ears…

*Diego, a taxi from Madrid must have thought. He has been denounced for a certain thing which happened last weekend, and which we now tell to the readers of DA.

A woman wearing muslim garments took in Toledo street / Madrid a taxi which was being driven by Diego. Once inside the taxi, the woman told the cabbie to switch off the radio, telling him that due to the rules followed by her, she was not allowed to listed to western music.

“In times of the prophet there was no such music, and neither did radio exist” ,the muslim woman complained, “Western music is that of the infidels, and I am not allowed to listen to it”.

Although the taxi gave way to the requirements of the woman, and switched off the radio, he stopped at the next traffic lamp, went out of the car, and opened the rear passenger door, where his client was sitting. Astonished as she was, she asked the taxi about the reasons for his sudden stop.

“Look, Ma’am, in times of the prophet there were no taxis, so please, get out of mine and look for a camel to carry you to where you want to go”, he answered her.

He will now have to face disciplinary action for not having given the proper service to his client *

Thoughts please!!

Some will think this is funny. Others will think that the cabbie was right. In truth, he was being uncharitable and should be disciplined. Still, when hearing the ‘infidel’ music, she should have not entered the taxi or should have immediately exited.

As for music, you will never convince me that there haven’t been bawdy songs sung in any era of humanity (whether a capella or cantata).


And yet a blind man wasn’t allowed on a bus because the muslim driver said his guide dog was unclean.

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