Music to workout to?

Hi all! I’ll get straight to the point…

I usually stay away from music that promotes drugs, sex, degradation of women, etc during the day. I usually like to listen to alt rock that’s relatively neutral. I don’t usually listen to Christian rock except for the occasional Casting Crowns song, because I usually find most of the messages and wording a little too “Protestant” if you know what I mean.

Anywho, whenever I am at the gym, the music that I listen to during the day won’t really cut it. I mean, Mumford and Sons when you’re trying to lift weights? Doesn’t really work for me. I feel guilty that I usually end up changing my Pandora choice to music that has a great beat (usually hip-hop) when I actually listen to the lyrics they are completely despicable - getting ridiculously drunk, throwing your money everywhere, etc…

Is there anyone out there that has a good recommendation for music they listen to when they workout that isn’t the typical “Let’s party all night and get really drunk” but has a great beat but a neautral/positive message?

Thanks for any and all suggestions! :slight_smile:

i usually listen to christian bands alot of the songs arent always about religion but the band memebers are all christian and the songs have a good message nothing to worry about.

i usually listen to a christian radio station that plays rock, alternative, metal. All the songs are postive is their website i have the app on my ipod to listen to them.

Go 80’s: ABC, Big Country, Kirsty MacColl, Spandau Ballet (early Spandau Ballet, not - yeck - “True”), Kraftwerk, Yello. I’m pretty sure the last two are all instrumental. Or Cocteau Twins - they sing in Icelandic/glossolia, so no occasion of sin there, either. Are Sixpence None The Richer and the Innocence Mission still considered CCM?

I find “Rox in the Box” off the Decemberists’ new album to have a nice tempo for working out. “This Is Why We Fight” off the same album is also nicely rousing. My go to music for running is Rodrigo y Gabriela though: no lyrics, nicely upbeat.

I would also recommend some of the tracks off the new Decemberists album, as well as some of their older tracks like “The Infanta”, “July, July” or “O Valencia”. However, some of their music can contain somewhat violent or suggestive themes, but rarely anywhere near the content of most rap/hip-hop.

I personally tend to exercise to speed or power metal, but that is most definitely an acquired taste.

My workout tracks include a lot of disco and '80s–“Born to be Alive”, “You Should Be Dancing”, “Simply Irresistible”, etc. If you can find instrumental versions (think karaoke) of upbeat music, you won’t have to worry about hearing lyrics that might be objectionable.

(FWIW, I do cardio-karate and cardio-kickboxing… and I always warm up with the “Theme from ‘Rocky’”!)

Hello, there!

Here is my playlist for working out (contained in my Zune HD).

For warming up:

Alone In The Ring, Rocky Balboa
Philadelphia Morning, Rocky
Reflections, Rocky III

For the actual workout:

Training Montage, Rocky IV
Going the Distance, Rocky
Gonna Fly Now, Rocky
Redemption, Rocky II
Gonna Fly Now, Rocky II
Eye of the Tiger, Rocky IV
Conquest, Rocky II
Hearts on Fire, Rocky IV
Burning Heart, Rocky IV
Butkus, Rocky
The Final Bell, Rocky
Holding Out for a Hero, Bonnie Tyler
Nutrocker, Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Prelude and Main Title, Superman, the Movie

For cooling down,

Manhattan Skyline, Saturday Night Fever
T.S.O.P, The Best of the Three Degrees
The Final Game, Rudy
Rocky’s Reward, Rocky

While I’m waiting for the laughter to die down out there in forum-land, I’m smiling in self-satisfaction because with this soundtrack, the right diet, exercise and my trusty heavy bag, I’ve slimmed down from 231lbs to 176lbs.:smiley:

Hope this helps,


I like to listen to alot of music from soundtracks. I’m on the treadmill, so I don’t know how well it works for weight lifting. Here is a few that I listen to.
Hans Zimmer’s Discombobulate from Sherlock Holmes and Aggressive Expansion, I’m no Hero from The Dark Night
James Horner has alot of stuff I like from Braveheart and Titanic
Randy Edelman’s Promontory from The Last of the Mohicans
The 300 soundtrack also has alot of good music.
I also like Shine by Collective soul and Sinnerman by Nina Simone & felix da housecat.

Try the soundtrack from Hairspray.

This is one of the most uplifting musicals I’ve seen. It’s one of my top five favorites. The music is lively and inspiring rock music.

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