Music we like , and anything goes , at least within reason


Bob Dylan , Frank Sinatra , Beach Boys , Johnny Cash are my favorite artist , bands i love to listen to .



Thanls @Ethan2hard215 . I enjoyed digging up some of my old favourites .:smiley:





Roy Clark - Malaguena



This came up in my suggested playlists on YouTube (Samsung TV app). I sent the link to my friend Lisa because I thought the lead singer looked a bit like her.


Posting the top five songs in from my Top Songs of 2018 playlist that they made for me.

Breaking All Illusions - Dream Theater

I figured a Dream Theater wong would come out on top. I was wondering a bit if it would be this or “Surrounded”. Both songs had streaks throughout the year where I would play them near non-stop. “Surrounded” was also in the playlist but surprisingly far down for how much I played it.

The Funerary Dirge of a Violinist - Carach Angren

Another unsurprising one. My interest in black metal saw a major resurgence in 2018, and Carach Angren is my favorite band in the genre, with “The Funerary Dirge of a Violinist” being my favorite. Part of that is just for the great violin part, but it was largely responsible for introducing me to the band and getting me into symphonic black metal.

And Then There was Silence - Blind Guardian

This is similar to “Breaking All Illusions” - favorite song from one of my favorite bands. This one, however, is by far my favorite Blind Guardian song, so there was little question it would appear above all the others. Surprisingly, I don’t think “When Sorrows Sang” or “Battlefield” made it into the playlist, as those are my two favorites right after this one.

A Cleansing Prayer - Vials of Wrath

2018 was a bit of a stressful year for me. Much of the year was spent interviewing and then relocating. This is my go-to song for stressful moments, which is generally more convenient than playing Dream Theater’s Octavarium, my go-to album for stress.

To Hell and Back - Symphony X

I was wondering which song from this album would make it. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the album when it released, and I still find some of the lyrics to be stupid. However, I fell in love with the album in 2018 and had it on near constant repeat. I think Dream Theater’s Octavarium and Carach Angren’s Where the Corpses Sink Forever were the only albums that got as much listening time from me.

And just for fun, the immediate runners up were Sabaton’s “Hearts of Iron”, Stratovarius’s “Hunting High and Low”, Orden Ogan’s “To the End”, and Kamelot’s “Burns to Embrace”.



I can certainly agree with you on that , @ZMystiCat . :rofl:



We used to to sing this at the cinema on Saturday mornings while our mums did the shopping .




I love this song. I performed this song at least…5 times, I believe. This song is called The Ground.
If you look at the lyrics, it is the Sanctus- and it is part of the Ola Gjeilo’s rendition of the Mass, called Sunrise Mass.

I performed this song as a lower soprano multiple times just the song itself, and I performed this in a newly built hall in Calgary to sing the complete version, the Sunrise Mass. It was amazing! I will post the entire Mass below.

  1. The Kyrie (The Spheres)
  2. The Gloria (Sunrise)
  3. The Credo (The City)
  4. Sanctus/Benedictus/Agnus Dei (Identity & The Ground)




and Heyr Himna Smiður


So for a while, Spotify didn’t have a lot of Nightwish’s music, at least as far as I could find. I recently found out that most of their music is now back! To commemorate, here’s one of my favorite Nightwish songs:

Maybe they’ll also finally get Instanzia back. I’ve been disappointed ever since their album was removed from the service:

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