Music we like , and anything goes , at least within reason


Beautiful voices!


In English I like anything from Ed Sheehan and Rhianna to Elvis.
In my Cro/Bosnian background I like Sevdalinka music etc…


“Dance Macabre” is a great song. But I must admit that Ghost’s manner of dress and shtick almost makes me feel guilty liking them.


Anything by the Cure. With so many albums, it’s difficult to name just one song.


These are new to me @jvickers .


@Rob2 - after you get past Robert Smith’s (the lead singer) makeup, the music is quite nice once you listen to it. As with all bands, some songs are better than others! They have over 23 albums and have been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the U.S. this year. I think they’ve been around since 1976. They still tour, like all great bands.


This is more in my line @jvickers . Plus Julie Christie stars in the film . :wink:


Yes, very different from the Cure. I do love instrumental scores, though. And musicals. I like to think I extremely eclectic where music is concerned. Everything from classical to metal to gothic/alternative. Not so much a country fan, though, unless it’s Willie Nelson. This particular piece you posted by James Last is extremely calming.


I never heard of them before. That’s a pretty cool song. Catchy chorus.


Wintersun. They tend to have long songs.


Old Queensryche w/ Geoff Tate as the lead singer.


I love this song. Very “Cats in the Cradle”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Takes me back to high school. I thought 'Promised Land" was very underrated. It’s probably the last Queensryche album I really loved, though. I’m not as big a fan of the stuff that came later.


I really like this song and singer: You’re Beautiful;’’


‘Promised Land’ is a great song and very underrated as an album. I also didn’t like their latest stuff. I also like the new Queensryche with Todd La Torre as the lead singer. They have returned to a harder sound that the latter Queensryche with Tate seemed to lose.


Queensryche with Todd La Torre as lead singer.


I like this sort of music at the moment. :relaxed:


This is a fun song…



I agree. It’s sort of sad, too, because Geoff Tate was really an amazing singer and has been incredibly influential. But he’s just sort of gone off in a direction that I’m not a fan of.

Normally, I’m sort of saddened when a singer leaves a band, and doubly so when the singer is so iconic and one of my personal favorites. But in the case of Queensryche, I was actually happy to hear they parted ways. And with the new singer and the lack of Tate’s influence, the band sounds better than they have in 20 years.


I’ve not listened to Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime band other than a remake of Silent Lucidity. His voice is somewhat blown. Both my wife and I were shocked.

Edit: I’m currently listening to Sacred Ground off the Q2k album. It’s one of the better songs off the album.

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