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I saw Queensryche in concert way back in 1997. Even back then, Tate’s voice was not what it had been. But then I know he was a smoker (not sure if he still is). That definitely takes its toll when you are a singer.



I still need to really try out their music. I tried getting into Operation: Mindcrime, but that story wasted no time in making me stop listening. I can handle cheese, but something about it on that album just turns me off. I just haven’t bothered with anything else from them since.

And bear in mind, I’m complaining about cheese as a fan of Alestorm, and well, let’s just say that Alestorm’s music is as stupid as a name like that suggests:

And just as a bonus, here’s a song they made for dogs:


I should have made a remark on Operation: Mindcrime. It’s not the one to get. The music is good, but it carries an anti-Catholic message in the lyrics.

The Warning (Remastered) is good as is Empire, though the latter is a bit more mainstream. Still, Tate’s voice is awesome then.




For those with eclectic tastes

Fast forward to 3:20 for another section of this too

Sarah Jarosz

The Incredible Mohini Dey Solo at 2:10

And for you Guitarists, the one and only Ben Lacy!!!



I love Esenvalds- and as I’m an English major, this composition is a poem based by one of my favourite poets, Sara Teasdale.


Ezio Bosso’s “Rain In Your Black Eyes” set to a solo water ballet…
More than just music!


Tune for an Angel…


Why listen to them then?



In memory of Windsor Davies who died Jan 17th . RIP .






The grateful dead


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