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Recently went on a run through much of Nightwish’s music. It was the first time I listened to Endless Forms Most Beautiful fully since its release. I enjoyed it a bit more than I did then, but it’s still easily my least favorite Nightwish album outside of Angels Fall First (also not counting Wishmaster, which I haven’t listened to in full).

At the very least, though, the titular song is among my favorite Nightwish songs. It and “Shudder Before the Beautiful” are the two songs I really like from it and the only reason the album has kept in my mind at all since its release.





This was in the Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, just outside the Pantheon in Rome. This church houses a Michelangelo statue of the resurrected Jesus. It is just over Bocelli’s right shoulder as he begins to sing.



I did the same thing a few months back. I, too, hadn’t really listened to Endless Forms much since its release. And those two are definitely the standout tracks. The album does sit better with me now. The first couple times through, nothing really jumped out at me to inspire me to listen to it over and over again. It’s still not my favorite album, but I like it more than I did. I know a lot of Nightwish fans hate on Annette, but her two albums are my favorites—not necessarily because I like her vocals better, but just because they are all around good albums.

I’ve been listening to Nightwish since Angels Fall First was their only album. So it will always have a special place for me, if only for “Elvenpath”. :slight_smile:


With the exception of maybe Oceanborn, I think Nightwish was at its best compositionally-speaking during Anette’s time with the band. That might have just been coincidental, though, since I’m not sure how much influence any of the vocalists have over the music itself. However, I did prefer Anette as a vocalist to Tarja. As technically good as Tarja was, I preferred the energy and variety Anette brought to the vocals. The affect was less pronounced on Dark Passion Play, but I don’t think Imaginaerum would have been anywhere near as good as it was with Tarja as the vocalist.



And just one of the most spectacular vocal groups out there today. Simply incredible…



This one has been on my mind lately,I was probably thinking of Bing’s version…but I found this and think her voice is really lovely :blush:


Yes , I like Maureen Hegarty , @Greenfields .

Here she is singing one of my favourites , The Isle of Innisfree , followed by Guardian Angel , one of the first hymns I was taught at school which I’m not too keen on now . I prefer to see my guardian angel as a mighty warrior .


Indeed. I was sad when Tarja left, but I cannot imagine Imaginaerum being nearly as good if she were still the vocalist.

I’m hopeful that Endless Forms was just a little bit of a lull and that the next album they crank out is top notch. Floor probably is the best fit for the band in a vocalist that they have had thus far.




Verdi - Dies Irae

Wagner - The Immolation Scene from Götterdämmerung, The Magic Fire Music, The Prelude to Tristan und Isolde

Samuel Barber - Agnus Dei - used outstandingly in “Homeworld” series of games

Gounot - Damnation of Faust

Lizst - Les Preludes, Totentanz

Hector Berlioz - March to the Scaffold (Symphonie Fantastique) and Witch’s Sabbath (same)

Two Steps From Hell - various Christmas pieces (for those times when you want angry Christmas music:) )

Position Music - various Christmas pieces (for those times when you want your Christmas music to sound deliciously evil and/or angry :wink: ) Love their version of “O Christmas Tree” - deliciously ominous and steam-punky.


Some superb music there , @Seeksadvice . Especially Barber’s Agnus Dei .


These both have the sound of crying out to the Lord, while still maintaining seriousness of the mass. As in, you don’t need a synth to be lit.
Mass day 1. Should auto-play at 5:09

Mass day 3. Should auto-play at 38:57


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