One of my favorite bands has some lyrics that are anti-christian in some of their songs. Is it ok to still listen to this music, and ignore these lyrics, or is it considered a sin? Sorry if this question seems a bit stupid, but I want to be safe.

I would be interested in seeing the some opinions on this subject too. Right now I am very much into retro music (specifically the 80’s that acted as a soundtrack to my junior high, high school and a few of my college years).

I have a feeling that most answers will be along the line of “garbage in, garbage out” so if the lyrics are garbage (sinful) we should stay away from that music. Easier said than done sometimes though :frowning: .

I dont see why not as long as you dont act on them. I listen to all the “evil bands” like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, AC/DC,ect. Yet I am a moral catholic, who attends church, doesnt worship satan.

I love God I just find christian rock boring as all hell. My idea of music with a religious overtone is with an organ (which I have some CD’s too.)

Just my opinion.


I think that you are on your way to not listening to it all together. The first step is to realize that they are not in tune with your beliefs. As you grow spiritually you will find that the music you liked will be replaced by other music that moves you spiritually.
The music that you used to like will lose it’s appeal.

Peace, Jen

I tend to agree with Jen - however, I caution anyone to be careful of extreme bounces one way or the other without giving it a lot of thought.

I use to listen to a lot of secular music. I still listen to secular music, but never pop music, country music, or new rock. I still listen to some classic rock if it isn’t too negative, depressing, or worldly. But mostly enjoy classical, sacred choral, folk, celtic, bluegrass, world or new age if it isn’t too weird. I love great musicians. Detest pop music.

Music is extremely powerful. Unfortunatly, most modern music is crafted nowadays to get people to focus on anything but a higher spiritual life or virtue… and is instead preoccupied with self centered feeling and sentimentality to downright carnality.

The question you need to ask yourself is, how does the music, TV, books, lectures, friends, leisure activity or anything we do make us better?
We have only so much time here on this earth to become what God intends… Is what I enjoy here in this life helping or hindering that goal. Or is it just wasting my time. Is there something BETTER?
Peace and all good ~~

Ridesawhitehorse ~~

Be careful about the music you listen to. Sometimes the lyrics can get so stuck in our heads (we’ve all had this happen) and you don’t want anti-Christian lyrics spinning in your head over and over again. Sometimes we watch things on TV and listen to things on radio and think it’s ok because we can differentiate between right and wrong. But these sorts of mediums can also function as a sort of brainwashing to get people to buy into their propaganda. For example, I know some people who watch massive amounts of television, and even though they are good Christians and attend church on a regular basis, they now believe that there is nothing wrong with someone acting on homosexual impulses because that is the message that television has pounded into them over and over again. It’s subtle, but eventually it will get to you.

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