Are there any Catholic Churches that sing contemporary Christian music rather than the traditional hymns? I’d like to hear more contemporary worship music.

Normally at Youth Masses they sing contemporary.

I don’t think we have that in our parish. :frowning:



Audrey Assad and Matt Maher are the only contemporary Christian music artists I can think of who are Catholic.

Edit: Sorry, I missed the word “churches”

This kind of music would not be appropriate for the Mass, though I like to listen to it other times.

Define contemporary and traditional. My parish goes to great lengths to sign a broad range of music (as long as its from the 1980s to 2010s). We have a whole mass that uses the Choose Christ “hymnal” that is filled with Matt Maher, Sarah Hart, etc. If your parish is actually singing traditional pieces like “Let all mortal flesh keep silent” I’ll gladly trade you. On the other hand if by traditional you mean “Taste and See” or “Mary, Gentle Woman” then you can keep it. Trading one piece of OCP trash for another wouldn’t make me any happier.

Depends on how “contemporary” you get. Being too contemporary or secular would be liturgical abuse (like those awful disasters of Folk, Rock, and Jazz Masses). For further information, I suggest studying the GIRM and this article:

In my church one of our three Saturday evening masses is celebrated with contemporary music. Traditional or contemporary; what ever brings the faithful into mass.
Remember he who sings; prays twice.
Pax et Bonum:bible1:

By contemporary; I mean liturgically appropriate contemporary music.

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