Does anyone know if there is any kind of career in music ministry for a woman in the RCC? I was studying to be a music pastor at a university, and then I converted to the RCC, and have been left a little out of work with a degree that isn’t really taking me anywhere. I know I still want to do music, and I still want to do a lot of church work. Any suggestions?


What instruments do you play? Can you conduct a choir?

If you play organ or piano and are able to conduct and sing, you should be able to become a music director at almost any Catholic parish.



I took a year of choral conducting, and it has been something I’ve always waned to do, but my piano skills leave a lot to be desired, and my organ ability is non existant. I am a vocalist and I play brass instruments (majored in French Horn). I play piano almost well enough that with a month of practice I can play a very basic hymn.


Check out You will probably want to go back and do more with your choral skills, and more with your piano skills, as well, even opening yourself up to some basic organ lessons. Most churches looking for music directors are looking for somebody who can do both, and the churches willing to pay a full-time salary usually are looking for people with Master’s Degrees as well. In the meantime, volunteer as a cantor and ask your music director to let you know when they need brass. This will get your foot in the door, so to speak. Good luck!


hank you for your tips. I will see if it’s possible to do organ. The parish I am a part of has no organ at all, but it would be useful. I am working on my piano, and I was planning to get my masters eventually. Thank you so much for your tips :thumbsup:


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