Musical Settings for Antiphons

In the Liturgy of the Hours, it is easy to find the psalm tones to chant the psalms – but where can one find the musical notation for the antiphons? I’m looking for the traditional gregorian chant, not whatever OCP or GIA puts out as the flavor of the month.

Also, is there a general rule as to which tone(s) go with which psalm(s)?

Here is one site which has made them available:

Thanks, but that’s not all that useful (or complete).

+Father Mitch Pacwa had a marvelous EWTN Live show on the Gregorian Chant this past year . . . featuring a monk from the world famous **St. Bernard Abbey in Cullman, Alabama **. . . the Benedictines have charge in our church of the preservation of the Gregorian Chant . . . and the Abbey is very involved in preserving and continuing use of this wonderful musical form . . . I’m sure if you contacted them they could help you . . . below is the link to their website . . .

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You know, that’s exceptionally rude. :shrug:

Try google next time?

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