Muslim Americans: Current political climate worse than after 9/11

(CNN)—It was never this bad, not even after 9/11.

That’s what many Muslims and Arab-Americans are saying about the tenor of comments made by presidential candidates on down to local officials about how to treat members of their community in the wake of ISIS’ rampage in Paris last Friday.

Over the past week, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump said he would consider compelling Muslims to register in “databases” and that some mosques might be shut; fellow Republican candidate Ben Carson compared some Syrian refugees to “rabid dogs,” and Democrat David Bowers, mayor of Roanoke, Virginia, evoked the internment of Japanese in WWII to explain his anti-refugee policy.

“We are operating in an atmosphere of hysteria and fear,” said Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director for the Council on American Islamic Relations. “I have never seen it like this, not even after 9/11.”

I feel badly for anyone living “in an atmosphere of hysteria and fear”

But let’s be clear…since 9/11 there have been no reprisals against Muslims in the United States. Mosques have not been bombed by groups of young men driving pickup trucks with Confederate flags on them. Christian groups are not holding Muslims hostage.

Americans just don’t do that.

I believe this “perceived” atmosphere of hysteria and fear will have to get much more serious before living in the United States becomes unattractive to our Muslim and Arab-American brothers.


I wonder why.

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