Muslim Americans widely seen as victims of discrimination

Muslim Americans are seen the biggest victims of discrimination in the US today, but most Americans view Islam as more violent than other religions

More Americans believe Muslims in the United States experience a great deal of discrimination than think that is true for other groups. Seven in ten in the latest Economist/YouGov Poll say that Muslims face either a great deal or a fair amount of discrimination in America today.

How do you discriminate a Muslim unless you know that said person is Muslim? I find it weird that Muslims are put into a monolithic group.

Perhaps what they mean is that their ideology is widely disagreed on? Like, when someone says “not eating pork is stupid” they get offended?

It doesn’t even make sense. How does one identify a Muslim/Christian unless they know?

More importantly, how does one know if a person of Middle Eastern descent is Muslim? My wife is Lebanese and is Catholic like me. :wink:
On the other hand, how many Sikh’s are mistaken for Muslim because of their head-dress? We have a lady in our parish who is very traditional and wears a head-covering to Mass, and she’s Hispanic.
Discrimination as you are describing is almost always based on appearance.
I think the article is delving a little deeper than that.

I think because Muslims are generally defined as people who look Middle Eastern. Obviously, not everyone who is of Middle Eastern descent is Muslim, but they’re more likely to be than not. Also, names. I’ve actually had people be surprised that I am white when they meet me because my name sounds “ethnic” (it’s not).

Also, Muslims, especially if they are women, tend to dress in ways that identify them. Christians do not tend to do this, unless they are part of a certain sect with a strict dress code. Noticing that someone is wearing a cross necklace is a different thing.

There were quite a few Muslims in my high school, and I remember after 9/11 that one boy in my grade got targeted. I didn’t much care for him because he was kind of a jerk anyway, but nobody needs someone deliberately chucking heavy balls at their head in gym class.

“Seen as?” By whom? More than African-Americans? More than Hispanics? More than the undocumented? Where are the media reports to back up this subjective claim?

Most Muslims wear easily recognized articles of clothing, especially the women (head scarfs).

This really comes as no surprise to me. In England it’s common place for right wing thugs to attack and intimidate Muslims on a daily basis, our media do the same.

My Catholic Slovak mother (and her female siblings) wore “babushkas”.

hah! I haven’t heard that term in a while. My Slovak grandmother wore a babushka as well.

She make cabbage and noodles or mac and cheese with stewed tomatoes?

Halupki, is one of my favorites. Of course nothing tops potato pancakes with applesauce. :slight_smile: Yum.

I loved Potato pancakes as a kid. I think the mac and cheese with stewed tomatoes was a Western Pennsylvania thing. I used to pick out the tomatoes.
My wife introduced me to Lebanese cooking. But I can’t master it in the kitchen.

I’ve never tried Lebanese food. I’ll have to look into that. :thumbsup:

And…many Orthodox women especially Russians wear Babuskas as well.

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