Muslim and Jewish leaders gather at Paris concert hall memorial

French Muslim leaders gathered outside the Bataclan concert hall on Sunday to honour the 89 people who died there in the bloodiest attack by jihadi terrorists France has every known.

They carried white roses, which they laid amid the hundreds of candles and bouquets left by members of the public and were accompanied, as a show of inter-faith solidarity, by representatives of Paris’s Jewish community.

As the group stood at the barriers around the music venue where heavily armed gunmen went on a murderous rampage on Friday night, they broke into a ragged rendition of La Marseillaise.

And then, the Muslim imam condemned not the muslim murderers, not the Islamic jihadis that murdered over 100 people, but those who use “hate speech”. I imagine he meant all those who dare to point out the obvious. The jihadis are actually Muslim.

So the Muslim leaders do condemn, but whom? Am I missing something here?

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