Muslim apologetics on Mary being Aaron's sister

Qu’ran 19:28
O sister of Haroun! your father was not a bad man, nor, was your mother an unchaste woman.

I’ve seen some different arguments for Mary being the sister of Aaron. They include:

  1. Qu’ran 19:28 is interpreted metaphorically
  2. Jews named their children after apostles
  3. Aaron is not “Haroun”
  4. The verse speaks about a different Mary
  5. Mary is a spiritual sister of Aaron

Below are my objections:

  1. Qu’ran 19:28 is correctly interpreted literally, and even Mohammed recognized the literal interpretation when he said that Jews named their chidren after apostles. Now if the verse is to be interpreted metaphorically, who else but Mohammed would know it? Yet he didn’t say, “You people are interpreting it wrong, it’s suppose to metaphorical.” Instead, he said that Jews name their children after apostles and patrons.
  2. This argument, based on a hadith, is not true. Jews didn’t name their children after apostles, patrons, ancestors, or predecessors. They named them after events and relatives. Jesus (“Salvation of the Lord”) is so named because He will save Israel from its sins (the event of His death by which He will save Israel from its sins). When John was named “John” by his mother (the Jewish custom is that mothers pick their childrens’ names), relatives and neighbors objected because there was no relative in the family named John, but Zechariah, but who was still mute, wrote on a tablet that his son’s name would be John. [Muslims will sometimes counter that Jesus neither died on a cross nor saved Israel, but they forget that we are talking about Jewish names, not the historicity of Jesus’ crucifixion; I only cite Jesus and John as examples of Jewish names]
  3. Qu’ran 7:142 (“Musa said to his brother Haroun”).
  4. Qu’ran 19:34 (“Such is Isa, son of Marium; (this is) the saying of truth about which they dispute”).
  5. The verse clearly indicates a biological connection between Mary and Aaron. And Mohammed even recognized this. He didn’t say, “Mary is a spiritual sister of Aaron.” Instead, he said that Jews name their children after apostles and patrons. He believed that Mary’s brother was named after Moses’ brother Aaron. Yet as I have clearly shown in my second objection, Jewish children weren’t named after deceased individuals.

Here is the hadith I keep referring to:

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