Muslim attempted rape of Christian nuns (Bangladesh)

Bangladesh, a majority Muslim South Asian nation is reeling in outrage over an attack upon a convent where men attempted to rape the nuns. Armed men reportedly attacked the convent of PIME, or Pontifical Institute of Foreign Missions nuns in Boldipuku, a village mission in Dinajpur diocese in northern Bangladesh. According to Aid to the Church, a religious agency, some 60 men attempted to loot the building and rape the nuns. The attack on July 6, 2014 was the first such instance of violence against a Catholic institution in Bangladesh.


Erm…because the mainstream media doesn’t consider persecution of Christians particularly newsworthy. They have to have their noses rubbed in the most heinous cases of it to report at all, in the most PC terms. No surprise the didn’t pick this one up.

Barbaric bastards. The ****ing ultra-PC won’t report this because it’s “not the true face of islam”. What exactly is the true face when even their bloody heathenous book tells them to murder.

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