Muslim college student made up Trump supporter subway attack story to avoid punishment for missing curfew


NY Daily News:

Muslim student filed bias crime report to avoid curfew punishment

A Muslim student who said she was harassed on the subway by drunken, hate-spewing white men shouting “Donald Trump!” lied to police because she broke her curfew, law enforcement sources said Wednesday.
Yasmin Seweid, 18, joined a growing list of local and national alleged hate-crime victims when she told cops she was taunted Dec. 1 on the No. 6 train by three men who called her a terrorist and tried to snatch her hijab off her head while straphangers did nothing.
But Seweid finally broke down Wednesday and was arrested after she admitted to detectives that it was all a big lie.
“Nothing happened, and there was no victim,” a police source said.

Police sources say Seweid made up the story because she didn’t want to get in trouble for breaking her curfew after being out late drinking with friends.
Her strict, Muslim parents allegedly forced Seweid to shave her head over the incident and were upset that she was dating a Christian, sources said.
The bareheaded Baruch College student, not wearing her hijab, was charged with filing a false report and released after her arraignment early Thursday in Manhattan Criminal Court. A relative covered Seweid’s face with a black down jacket as she was escorted into a waiting SUV following her brief court appearance.
She faces up to a year in jail for each charge.

Seweid claimed a white trio mocked her and tried to tear the religious garb from her head.
She provided police a description of the suspects, one of whom cops at one point thought they spotted on video following her when she got off the subway at Grand Central Terminal.
“She had numerous opportunities to admit nothing happened and she kept sticking by her story,” a police source said.
The New Hyde Park, L.I., teen even posted an emotional account of the attack on Facebook.
“I was harassed on the subway last night,” she wrote. “And it was just so dehumanizing I can’t speak about it without getting emotional.”

I am shocked, shocked! that anyone would lie about a “Hate” crime.


Same here,just shocking! Not!:eek::mad:


Her parents made her shave her head? :eek:


No, they shaved it for her apparently.


Is lying to police about a group of people based on being white a hate crime?


Only republicans can commit hate crimes. This might qualify as a love crime, however.






Shaved her head because she dated a Christian? Yikes…worse has happened but…dang. her parents should be ashamed that she had to go such an extent to avoid trouble, too.

Also very disappointed because this case will might ruin the credibility of other hate crimes that will be reported


I think this reflects badly on everyone, but least of all on Ms. Seweid herself. Believing it’s better to lie to the police than be honest with her parents (borne out I think by their subsequent reaction), surely says something ill about them as parents. And that it was initially perfectly plausible that she had been a victim of hate crime, also says something about (a minority of) Trump’s supporters (and by extension the man himself, who refuses to distance himself from the actions of a small contingent of his supporters). I am glad at least that the sorry tale was unravelled before she was forced to point the finger specifically at individuals, but it angers me that anyone felt the need to go to such lengths in the first place, and it angers me that the behaviour of a minority of people made her story seem reasonable. I think everyone involved needs our prayers and our sympathy in various ways.


Anyone paying attention is skeptical already because so many previous claims have been lies.


Agree except the bolded.

Trump has repeatedly disavowed bigotry.

“We condemn bigotry and prejudice in all its forms,” Trump said Thursday in Cincinnati in a rare address since defeating Hillary Clinton several weeks ago. “We denounce all of the hatred and we forcefully reject the language of exclusion and separation. We have no choice. We have to, and it’s better.”

Of course, it’s never good enough:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 10:30 PM

At The New York Times on Tuesday, President-elect Trump did better, saying “I don’t want to energize the group, and I disavow the group.”

“I disavow and condemn them,” he repeated for good measure.

All progress, all welcome. And yet.
Surely he understands that the most effective way to repudiate people who hate is to explain to them, and to the rest of us, what is so offensive about their beliefs.

Example: In the final debate against Hillary Clinton, Trump lambasted his opponent’s foundation for taking money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, stating, “These are people that push gays off . . . buildings. These are people that kill women and treat women horribly.”

You can find similarly compelling language in Trump’s attacks on the global elites, and on pollsters or the press, and on undocumented immigrants. When he finds something reprehensible about someone, he manages to muster an impassioned takedown.

Trump should have used stronger words to blast the white nationalists who celebrated his election win.
Trump should have used stronger words to blast the white nationalists who celebrated his election win. (VIA TWITTER)


Does it sound weird if I think the saddest part of this is that she probably won’t be dating that Christian anymore and reduces the chance of a possible conversion someday? :shrug:


So even though no hate crime happened, Mr. Trump and his supporters STILL are guilty and bear responsibility. Amazing.

And the story was not plausible from the beginning. Only those who harbor anger or resentment that clouds their judgment thought it was plausible. In today’s age of a proliferation of leftists faking hate crimes, the prudent course of action is to be skeptical of any hate crime claims until there is some objective evidence to suggest it actually happened.

FTR: I’m not a Trump supporter nor voter.


It’s similar to the excuse they’ve been using for Obama’s failures.

BUSHDIDIT derangement syndrome. :stuck_out_tongue:


Least of all???

Ms. Seweid bore false witness to further a damaging narrative so she could avoid some kind of punishment

Victim blaming?

Ms Seweid has joined the ranks of a number of perpetrators of hoaxes after the election.




Again, :thumbsup:

Who is watchdogging all the news outlets that ran with this story without a shred of evidence? Talk about “fake news”. :rolleyes:


Depends on what the meaning of fake is!:rolleyes:Listening to Mark Levine last night he said what about all the "fake " news Obama peddled recACA,You can keep your Dr. If you want !2500.00average savings for families,blah,blah,blah…now the is the “real”"fake "news.:wink:


How many instances do you consider a “proliferation”?

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