Muslim convert to Christianity sues Tulsa church


A Muslim convert to Christianity is suing First Presbyterian Church and its pastor, the Rev. James D. Miller, alleging that church leaders published an announcement of his baptism on the Internet after assuring him they would not do so.
The Tulsa County resident, identified only as John Doe in court papers for his own safety, alleges that because the news of his conversion appeared on the Internet, he was kidnapped on a trip to his native Syria by radical Muslims seeking to enforce Shariah law.
According to the filing in Tulsa District Court, he was bound, beaten and tortured for several days, and was forced to spend 18 hours a day in a 55-gallon electrified drum. He also was stabbed several times, shot, and threatened with beheading.

Praise God he’s still with us to file suit.


Being Christian doesn’t exclude you from being callously stupid. I hope this brave man survives attempted martyrdom by his local church. Thank God if his faith survives this baptism of blood.


His story seems a little far-fetched.

It seems to me to be highly unlikely that a bunch of radial Islamics halfway around the world would be reading the website about a Presbyterian church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Do they somehow keep tabs on every single Muslim everywhere in the world to know what they are up to?

But if it is all true, I’m glad he survived and didn’t become a statistic.


Incredibly dangerous.


I know, skeptical for sure.


I am a little bit skeptical about this myself. But then again, perhaps the radical Muslims heard rumors and they did an internet search for his name and that’s how they came up with the article?


Maybe one (or more) of the kidnappers in Syria had relatives in the US or even in the same State.


If any of the kidnappers were his family members, then it’s not at all far-fetched to suppose they might be keeping tabs on him. He is living in a hotbed of western decadence, after all.

That the group of kidnappers might be led by a family member is further supported by the fact that they did not actually kill him, which is usually the prescribed remedy or apostasy under Shariah.

Personally, I’m a little curious as to why this guy thought there wouldn’t be a problem with him going to Syria as a Christian. This is, after all, a place where Christians are crucified by the side of the road.


Why go to Syria under the circumstances, i.e., radicals are killing Christians and their co-religionists? I mean I feel sorry for him and what he’s been through but I don’t think it was prudent of him to visit a war torn area. :frowning:


If you read the article, it says one of the kidnappers was his uncle; they didn’t let him go; he escaped, and he went to Syria to collect his bride. They probably did Google his name at some point IMHO.


Hear, hear!!


It’s amazing how many Christians check their intelligence at the door when it comes to matters of faith and politics.

And people wonder why we’re losing ground to secularists and other radicals. :rolleyes:


Well, the church announced his conversion AFTER he left for the M.E.

I read the pdf on the left side – of the suit. The defendants refused to remove the announcement from the internet for more than a year!


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