Muslim converts to Christianity, Father kills Mother


In Australia Dr. Muhammed Hussein, upon being informed by his daughter that she was converting to Christianity, stabbed and killed his wife Yasmine. The daughter was cut and assaulted. She fled before he could murder her. Apparently it is typical to blame the mother if a child does something like this. The daughter was lucky to escape with her life.

Now when I converted to Catholicism my family wasn’t thrilled. But no one threatened me with death or tried to knife me. We did something novel. We discussed it and they respected my decision. There was no violence. To those converting to Islam. Think about this incident. It is not unusual.


This is a typical mindset of a Muslim in action. How hidious is this! And this is a religion of peace and tolerance. I would say it is more of a cult a satanic cult.


This is is typical of Muslims. Even at a non violent level they have no tolerance. I have two friends who wanted to marry women who are Malays (all Malays are Muslim). The womens families insisted my two friends converted to Islam. One friend is an atheist so he did (nominally) and still laughs about it and does not practice at all. My other friend would not become a Muslim and he married the woman in a civil ceremony. The woman’s family disowned her.
So much for a loving tolerant religion!!


guys, you will read about such things everyday, quasi everywhere. Jesus prophecised and warned of persecution for His name, and such people are just fulfilling it. Keep praying though since many converts are persecuted, and many cannot even declare or live it fully.


you don’t think there are plenty of jewish and catholic families that disown children who marry outside the faith?


Here is a news article if anyone is interested.


I was about to ask for a source.

Mind you, don’t believe everything you read in newspapers. I know from personal experience that they get even the most basic of facts wrong many time.


So Valke, how many people do you know who were killed by their Catholic parents for leaving the Church?


She just said disowned. Big difference. Families do disown their children but I have never heard of a catholic or Jew killing over it. Another example of the Islamicso called peace:p


That’s another issue. I was replying to the post that said the fact that some muslims disown their chidlren who marry outside the faith shows why Christianity is different from Islam.


Well i was in a state of shocked to heard all this, most of the Muslim in my country though religious but never do such thing of killing one another, probably if they kill, they won’t escape the government of puting them on death row. But i believe God really work on pple all the time. I just gotten a wonderful message from my Boyfriend that his Cell group members managed to reach out a Muslim for accepting Jesus Christ as her Savior and came to our church for worshipping…God is great God is almighty.


These Muslim families will resort to beatings and violence against the daughters if they catch them.
Disowning is bad enough but disowning the Muslim way is just brutal.


I would only kill my daughter if she went to Ohio State.


This happens in The Jehovah Witness Religion also. However I would never call them a CULT. I studied them instead.

Don;'t Catholics have a “rule” about marrying non believers???

I mean c’mon reading too much into one guys actions, just like catholics believe Muslims are wayward and “going to hell” so do Muslims believe leaving the faith means hell. While God and Muslims frown upon these actions many parents who are religious “freak out” when theyre loved one “leave God” as everyone so puts it.


yes, exactly my point I know two families this happened too, Catholic. However they didnt get stabbed but yes disowned


SO TRUE!! I like you already some intelligence :thumbsup:


questioner, if this was a one time thing then I wouldn’t have posted it. This happens often in Islam. Why do you think their converts always are in fear? They teach that if someone leaves their faith then you should kill them. Even JW’s don’t do that. We sure don’t.


hhmm you have a point except I am still alive, and so are a few Arabs (oh my) that I know who not only left Islam but truned Christians.

I do grasp what you are trying to say but the occasions we see are from the very tribal and extrememe not every Muslim is a murderer, even though I know you Did NOT say that


Well we both know if you went to Riyadh or even Cairo and proclaimed publically that you had converted to Christianity you would be in trouble. Perhaps even in danger of losing your head. That doesn’t happen in the West. Catholics don’t kill those who leave the Church. We might be sad or angry, but we won’t cut their heads off. I would say that shows a profound difference between the two religions.


yea and you said it…Riyadah or Cairo however they are trying to change that and note its not everywhere.

Muslims duty is to serve God and only God and to try to get into heaven, and no not for the virgins for all the blessings. Along that cultural background and old habits get stuck in which we tend to think of as part of the religion when they arent part of their religion, but culture s you stated above.

Yes it is sad, but it happens, just like we have other issues of our own.

Not a whole religion is evil based on certain peoples actions

thanks for replying and for reading

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