Muslim Cop Files Lawsuit Over Alleged Threats, Harassment from NYPD Colleagues


Muslim Cop Files Lawsuit Over Alleged Threats, Harassment from NYPD Colleagues

An NYPD officer was physically attacked and called a “Muslim bi***” as colleagues attempted to rip off the hijab she was wearing, a new lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court alleges.

Officer Danielle Alamrani, who became a cop in 2006 and converted to Islam a year later, claims in her suit dated Feb. 2 that once she started wearing the headscarf on duty, her colleagues refused to work with her.

In 2010, a sergeant joked in front of fellow officers that Alamrani should not “detonate on patrol,” a comment that drew laughter, according to court documents. And on Christmas day in 2012, two officers allegedly attacked Alamrani at the precinct and tried to rip off her hijab, the lawsuit states…

…The harassment continued, court papers allege, and included one instance in September 2014 when an officer responded to a noise complaint where Alamrani lived in Brooklyn, New York. She and her husband were allegedly arrested, and her children were detained for eight hours.

“During this incident, the responding officer…made numerous comments about Plaintiff Alamrani’s religion including that Plaintiff Alamrani’s family were ‘[A]rabs’ who ‘slept on the floor like animals,’” the lawsuit reads…

Do we have a problem with racism in America and prejudice to accommodate other religious beliefs under 1st Amendment? Do we paint all Muslims with the same brush or the same ideological mindset as anti-abortion rights activists who bombed abortion clinics or the Westboro Baptist Church viewpoints on gays? What would posters say if this happened to Catholic nuns that wore a religious habit?




This is horrible. What has become of America? People have the right to practice their religion. Praying she gets the justice she deserves.


Source, please.


Not the country I grew up in.
Part of ‘making America great again’.


Keep thinking anti-Islamic rhetoric has no consequences.


Click the link in the OP.


Yes - keep trying to blame this on Trump, Conservatives, whomever but the racist left …

I think that by the time - she converted [or very shortly there after and this harassment began there was a Democrat in the White House, a Democratically controlled Congress for a while and New York City is a bastion of liberals … so she should have had great avenues of assistance to lend an ear to be heard, be taken seriously and have the hazing stop.

Your accusation of this being part of making America great again is slanderous and wrong - these actions took place over the previous years - they did not just start … and this in the liberal mecca pf NYC :rolleyes: I would never treat someone like this and neither would anyone I know.

Liberals are really a bigoted bunch - which is one reason why they try so hard to label the other side - its deflection for them. Liberals see everything through the lens of race, religion, sexual orientation - so they can demonize those that disagree with them and keep their constituents on the “plantation” of dependency …

The good news is that people [of every type] are getting tired of this and are seeing through it …:thumbsup:


Well, it seems like we did in 2014!!!


Very well said. :thumbsup: I was going to say the same thing. I think this treatment of her is despicable, but from reading the article this treatment of her all started years before Trump was even on the radar screen.


Anti-Muslim bigotry did not just start with the election of Trump. Bigotry and bigots have been around ever since the Fall and yes it was part of the country you grew up in.

It never was a result of Trump’s election.

What exactly does your second sentence mean? Is this a jab at Trump supporters in this forum?




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