Muslim Demographics video

I wasn’t sure where to put this video but I think it’s kind of makes you worry.
What do you think about it:

It is a worry,
But because the west are better people, we are helping them get their way through Freedom which they despise!That is why they are spreading! They could’nt do it through Holy wars , but this system seems to be working:eek:!


I think there was another thread on this elsewhere.

Not to mention feminism, and more women working in the workplace (thus, no time to have a family), and the fact that today’s society seems to treat kids as an “obstacle” to prosperity. If you look at that demographic where there’s 58 people on the 2006 side, and 26 people on the 2026 side, you can calculate that in 100 years, those 58 people will dwindle down to 1 descendant. (58:26:12:5:2:1)

Ah. My mom sent this to me in an email about a week ago.

It is troubling to think about such a thing.


I did my part. I have four daughters…

What is there to worry? I’m not worried. Muslims are good people… it’s obvious they don’t kill their babies. They have a lot of good beliefs that we share.

Yes their numbers will be greater than Catholics but who cares… as long as we continue preaching the gospel and living our faith we will end up in heaven with our creator, our Lord…

Do not fear what can kill the body… only fear what can kill your soul…

And please do not fall prey to racism or an us vs. them attitude… we are all humans equal under God.

Thank you.

Yes you did… and God Bless you and your family :smiley:

“A culture” cannot survive…But the West…is it ONE culture anymore anyway, how does this source define it? Is it just the U.S? Is it the U.S., Canada, Latin America and Europe? Is it by geography or political structure?

These stats would make sense if we were talking about cultures which are land-bound, but this doesn’t even touch upon migration/immigration issues. That alone messes up the formula.
Toss in intercultural marriages with their own set of offsprings and it seems to me one would be hard pressed to come up with a mathematical method to project any one culture’s breeding patterns affect on the future.

This is a scare tactic, plain and simple. Since all life comes from God I’m fine with leaving where these children are brought into the world up to Him. There’s a reason why some are born into buddhism, islam, atheism, christianity, but He’s not obliged to reveal it to us.

What is often missing from discussions about European immigration is the fact that these people were more or less told to come over. During the 19th and 20th centuries, colonial schools in Africa and Asia told children that they should regard the colonizing country as their “mother” and encouraged the use of English, French, etc. among the natives. Imperial imagery constantly used almost multicultural rhetoric to promote colonialism (see here During both World Wars, hundreds of thousands of colonial troops from Africa and Asia fought and died for the various European nations. The survivors of these wars still receive pensions from their respective colonizing country. So after being told for more than one hundred years to consider England, France, or Belgium their “mother,” should it really be that surprising that some of the ex-colonial subjects took the propaganda as truth and started showing up?

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