Muslim friends... We will NOT convert...


Ive noticed a slight increase in this non-catholic religions thread about muslims telling us how wrong Christianity is.
We believe Jesus to be the SON of God, who DIED on the cross for us, our sins. And nothing anyone says or does will not make me, and im sure many others on here, too change our minds and convert.
I could really get into the thousands of other reasons why I would not convert, but I think this one reason is good enough for me to believe in Christianity.
God bless you all and may the Holy Spirit blesses you like it blesses all of us.


Muslims seem to be of the opinion that if they repeat a baseless argument enough times, people will start to believe it anyway. That’s the only way I can explain it…?


Yes I know.
But by posting this, im hoping they will stop baggering on with the converting etc, its starting to really annoy me.

[SIGN]I will NOT convert[/SIGN]


heh… don’t hold your breath. :frowning:


Lol I know…



Actions speak louder than words. As long as we see the actions of Muslims contradicting what they say, we will remain non-Muslims.




Look at their method of prayer: repetition without requirement for understanding. They do not care if the faithful actually understand Arabic, but seem to think God only hears prayers in Arabic.


Muslims believe that when Prophet Jesus (pbuh) returns at the end times, everyone alive then will revert to Islam.

In any case, ALL of us will know the Truth when our brief stay in this world comes to an end.

And so, it is not a matter of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ every single one of us finally accepts the Truth… only for some, it would already be too late to do them much good.


Indeed we will - the truth that Jesus is not just a mere ‘prophet’ but very God himself! :amen: And I care much more what he and God the Father of us all believe about the matter than you or any other Muslim.


Thats ok Ham, when Jesus the SON of God comes back, i hope you have fun explaining why you only call him a mere prophet…


And why you choose to believe in a man (yes, muhammed was a man) who chose violence and child molestation over a life of virtue, teaching, and the Gospel.


Believing Jesus is the Son of God is one of the most special and beautiful feelings us Christians feel, and believe me, I think most people on here will agree with me.
People who believe otherwise are really and truly missing out on one of the most special things you can have in life.
Ham, I bet if you opened your heart to Jesus the SON of God and feel how beautiful and special it is, you will quickly understand what we feel and how we feel about Jesus.
He will NEVER be just a mere prophet, he is the SON of our great God.
I will say a prayer for you Ham, that you may feel this feeling.


I have a theory that there are no sincere Muslims, including you, my friend. Terror and coercion keeps your fragile house of cards standing…for now.


I have a theory that there are no sincere Muslims, including you, my friend. Terror and coercion keeps your fragile house of cards standing…for now.


“Revert to Islam”??? This is one of the many things about Islam that is very bothersome. The belief that everyone is borm Muslim. That non-Muslims are simply taught wrong by our parents.

It fits right in with Islam’s attempt to steal the history of Judeism and Christianity and then trying to destroy the two to justify Islam’s existence.

I agree with the original poster. I get very tired of Muslims trolling the internet trying to push their faith on me, trying to convert me and everyone else. We see the actions of your religion from Muhammad, through history up to today. No twisting of history can change it.

You’d do better spending your time trying to fix the problems in your religion and your society.


For all here who wish to pray for my soul, I humbly request that you do it in the correct “Judeo-Christian” way as followed by none other than Jesus (pbuh) himself.

In a book entitled, “To Pray as a Jew”, a lengthy explanation is given of the Prayers as done by the ancient Jews and a few of the contemporary Jews. In this book the author put diagrams showing the movement and positions during the prayer and one quickly realizes the similarity of the prayers of the Jews then and the Salat as practiced by the Muslims.

In his comment about these positions the author wrote : “In most contemporary congregations very few people keep to the tradition of falling prostrate. Sometimes it is only the Prayer leader and the rabbi who does so. In more traditional congregations, however, some worshipers, men and women, will join the Prayer Leader and rabbi in the act of prostrating themselves. In Israeli synagogues, the practice is more widespread than in synagogues elsewhere. Since this is a position that we are unaccustomed to, one who has never done this before might very well demur. But once accomplished, the experience provides such a spiritual uplift that one looks forward to repeating it. Those willing to try this ancient ritual form on the rare occasions that call for it might welcome the following diagrams of the correct procedure”

It is also interesting to learn from this book that the prayers of the Jews involve wash before the prayers, (like Wuduu or ablution for Muslims), and the call for Prayers (like the Azan for the Muslims).


Maybe we’ll just say a few rosaries instead.


There is something that always impresses peolpe: MIRACLES.
They have no miracles in islam, obviously. You can tell them about Fatima, padre Pio, eucharistic miracles or healings
God is doing it in Catholic Church, not in islam.
Good luck, God bless.


Why wld I reject the Truth for a false and evil religion? Why that would put me in hell. Which coincinedtaly is where I believe muhamed is.

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