Muslim girl called 'Isis' in high school yearbook


Bayan Zehlif is not Isis. Or ISIS.

But that’s how the Muslim student discovered she was identified in the latest edition of the yearbook at her Rancho Cucamonga, California, high school.

Zehlif posted a photo of her yearbook photo to Twitter, saying only, “I guess I’m Isis in the yearbook …”

The Los Angeles Times quoted Chaffey Joint Union High School District Supt. Mat Holton as saying Zehlif was incorrectly identified as another student whose first name is Isis. The Times quoted Holton as saying that the district will take “appropriate actions” if officials find that anyone involved in the situation “acted irresponsibly and intentionally.”

There is a character called “Isis Ishtar” in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series, but she debuted long before the rise of the Islamic State. She was Egyptian, and had a psychotic brother.

Maybe “Isis” would decline as a given name in the way that “Adolf” did.


C’mon, it’s a venerable name from the Egyptian pantheon. At one point, the cult of Isis was in serious competition with early Christianity. If someone called me Aton by mistake (my first name approximates to it very roughly :p) I wouldn’t really mind. :smiley:


Whoever is responsible for the misprint ought to be punished if it is found that they did this maliciously.


If this student was accidentially misidentified as Isis, I wonder if the student who actually has that name was also given incorrect naming in the year book. It makes sense.


Another rousing story from CNN. I believe they are playing people’s emotions for the price of exploiting a high school girl. This should not be a story unless a DA has proven there was malice.


It is up to you to be critical of the news. I do not see any disinformation in the article.

There is no evidence that this is malicious, even if it was intentional. She was called Isis Phillips, not Isis Zehlif.

Isis used to be a good name.


Knowing how mean High School students can be, I seriously doubt it was ‘just a typo’ the yearbook sponsor needs to be held accountable as well. I know it is difficult, I teach high school, but you really need to keep a lid on things like this! Some things are not joking matters in this day and age


Kind of why the dog named Isis was killed off in **Downton Abbey; ** in 2011 when the series began, that was just a cute Egyptian name; by season 4, not so much.



Isis was a popular name among African-Americans for a while (referencing the Egyptian goddess). I don’t suppose that the classmate who bears it is any more pleased, but only one of the girls gets on the news. Bad reporting.


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