Muslim groups reach out amid uproar


It hopes to raise money to repair Christian churches damaged after a controversial speech by the pope.


Thank you for posting this. It is nice to see some Muslims trying to do the right thing and speaking out (and giving money:thumbsup: ) against those sinful actions, instead of calling for the resignation of the pope like the 1000 clerics did.

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Ya know I heard or read (I can’t remember…) something Pope John Paul-II said about Christians, Jews and Muslims: We all believe in God!


This is very possitive. I wish muslim clerics will also call other clerics for a series of serious dialogue to prevent violence. And also update their telephone directory so that they can reach each other easily to voice their opinion against the radical muslims whom they say are hijacking their religion.


Couple of thousand bucks. But no apology. No huge demonstrations to condemn anti-Catholic violence or terrorism. I don’t buy it. I want to see substantive change in Islamic behavior across the board. When I can say Mass openly in Saudi Arabia then I might start to believe it.


Thanks for posting, PPatience. It is a good thing.


Can I just clarify something? The Pope’s speech didn’t damage those churches. The sentence above makes it sound like the Pope was responsible for the damage. He spoke words. Words don’t break walls and leave char marks from fire bombs - people do. The churches were damaged by violent and angry people who attacked Christian churches because they could not handle the Western idea of “free speech” or comprehend the idea of “religious dialogue”. Other than that, well good, O.K. If the death threats against the Pope are rescinded by the Muslim clerics who issued them, then perhaps the damage done to the credibility of Islam in the West can be repaired alongside the damage to these churches.



I hope money is raised by Muslims, not just Christians rebuilding what shouldn’t have been destroyed in the first place because people couldn’t handle the Truth being spoken by the Pope.

Anyway… it’s a baby step… now to see if the money raised will really go where it needs to go.


Right! Mass in Saudi? It will never happen in the land of Wahabism. The two faith’s are too far apart. Jesus said others will come after him - do not be deceived!


One does not have to be deceived to acknowledge the good actions done by some to correct a terrible wrong.

Acknowledging the good does not mean one has to hide their head in the sand and realize that the likelyhood of Muslims doing this anywhere else but in the US or other countries with more freedom in religion is very unlikely.

But this was a postive action even if the wording did not acknowledge complete responsibility of blame but seemingly tried to place some of it on the Pope and his words.

In my opinion, we should try to keep this thread about the positive. There are plenty other threads to discuss other issues.

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