Muslim growth in Hispanic Communities


I read where there is a phenomenal growth of late in the interest in Islam from the Hispanic communities in Florida and the Southwestern states. Historically conservative second generation Hispanics have a lot in common with Islam such as immigration, poverty, emphasis on family, and minority status.


If it’s true, then they must be pretty ignorant.


And according to the Hispanic Churches in an American Public Life Studies survey released in 2003, 74 percent of Hispanics are Catholic when they arrive in the United States, but by the third generation that number dips to about 60 percent.


They have to go somewhere…

To see what the USCCB has to say about it, click here.

God Bless,


Jesus taught to bash people? i doubt it.

It’s easier for a camel to enter through a needle eye than it is for a rich man to enter heaven.

Muhammad(saw) said on the day of jufgement he’ll be waiting at the gates, he’ll see all his companions except the richest one. One he finally saw him, he was one of the last ones to enter. Muhamad(saw) said “You are my companion, what took you so long” The companion replied? Allah had me count all my money before I enter.


So they give up the true God - the Holy Trinity - because of this?


Yes. Just like Jesus and Muhammad and all other prophets. When Salah ad-din Yusef - a rich died, no money could be found to bury him. He continually gave all his riches away, not only to Muslims, but to Christians like Richard the Lion Heart and others as well.

If you guys folow the true teachings of Jesus. You will be saved.


Im not sure they even realize the danger they put their souls into when they apostacize by becoming Muslims. I have the feeling that if any religious upbringing they may have it would be only rudimentary at best and non-existant at worst. Islam and Protestantism finds fertile ground in customary Roman Catholic lands when the faith is taken for granted and that they will always remain in their faith.


what are the true teachings of Jesus ( PIH) in Quran?


Well, Mohammedanism is spreading everywhere, like a plague.

Numbers mean nothing, only that fewer souls will be saved. We must be strong and faithful in the agressive faces of the Mohammedans.


Christianity is spreading everywhere as well especially in Africa. And those who convert to Islam, 75 percent leave it within 5 years by the admission of muslims.


I find Saladin to be one of the most respectful Moslems that have ever lived. I read a book on the Third Crusade and it was a wonderful book. It told about Richard the Lionhearted (or Melech Ric; I think that is how it is said) and Saladin fighting each other. By the way I do follow the true teachings of Jesus. God speed.:slight_smile:


You are a liar as usual. It makes no sense me even replying to your posts with my own words. I’ll just give you and Flare links to read. I guess this is how many Christian leaders go araound and lie to the masses, becasue the masses aren’t smart enough to go and get information for them selves.

ALL races are coming to Islam. ALL religions are coming to Islam. Read for your selves.

My great grandmother who was a Christian always told me “Both a liar and a theif shouldn’t be trusted, but it’s better to trust a theif than it is to trust a liar”


If you’re going to call us liars, then at least refute our arguments.


You are a Christian? If yes, hat’s good, we need more Christians like you and Mercy and LT Tony etc.

When I became Muslim Saladin was the name I chose for my self because of this man’s great character. Even aftwer he won the Crusades, he freed Christian soldiers who had families to take care of as long as it was prooven that they had wife and child. One woman said to him “Why do you do this?” He replied: “Because my religion allows me to do so”



Good even Flare. I would like to, but circles make my head hurt and I beleive the link refutes better.


The link you gave us was a search results page with a bunch of links. This is your evidence?



So do you have a link, or not?



CPD (copy-paste drone),

I’ll give you another chance to explain yourself. Do you have a link or any other evidence for your accusations? Please post another mindless self-quote as your next reply if you do not.

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