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From my current studies, I’m under the impression that the Muslim forces took Jerusalem in 637AD.

It would appear that between 637-1060 (Before the introduction of the Seljuk Turks) the area was relatively peaceful-the Muslims, Jews and Christians freely traded.

Why did this change after 400 years? And-it would also appear that the Muslims were still neutral to the Jews even up to the First Crusaders taking back Jarusalem. Why the animosity towards Christians but not Jews?

If someone can help clear up some of this history and controversal questions I’d much appreciate it.

I am not sure what you are asking. After the slaughter of 1099 there was a lot of reasons for the local Muslims not to like Christians (especially since the first Christian king of Jerusalem kept fighting the Egyptians.)

The antagonism to Christians really began contemporaneously with the Crusades (and with the Reconquista in Spain). With these events, Christendom became not a subject religion, but a military foe.

Likewise, Muslims were friendly to Jews until the Zionist period in the 1900s.


You seem to be forgetting the conflicts with the ERE. Christians and Muslims considered each other military foes long before the Crusades or the start of the Reconquista.

A pretty good history of Jerusalem is:
Simon Sebag Montefiore’s Jerusalem. It talks about the period and the year 1099 and what followed.

I really want to understand what led to the animosities and enthronement of Catholic and Muslim kings in Jerusalem before the 1900

There is a pretty good timeline here

This sounds like the little boy explaining that the fight started when he hit me back. :wink:

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