Muslim interpretation of Sura 5:112-115?

Can anyone point me to a Muslim commentary on Sura 5? in versus (aya) 112-115, there is a scene that is strikingly similar to John 6, where “disciples” ask Isa or Jesus to send down a meal from Heaven (Sura 5:112;114 // John 6:31;34), Isa or Jesus says that God sends / will send true bread or a feast from Heaven (Sura 5:113 // John 6:32-33), and a statement that denial of belief of this food from Heaven will result in either no life with you (John 6:53) or punishment from God “as I have never punished anyone else” (Sura 5: 115).

The narrative parallelism, in terms of a back-and-forth dialogue between Isa/Jesus and his interlocutors, a saying that God sends true bread from Heaven, and a warning of punishment for lack of belief in the meal from Heaven, is very striking. It makes me think that whoever wrote the Quran had a copy of John 6, and edited it to reflect the Muslim revision of how God is understood.

I’ve recall this sometime back. Very interesting but it is revisionism at best.

Strange however, my Muslim friend discussed John 6 with me as I was keen to know what he thought of the Bible chapter. It was I who highlighted it because he asked me the difference between Protestants like Evangelicals beliefs and Catholic.

I’m not going to elaborate but in the end my Muslim friend didn’t comment. It just went over his head. So it is odd to me he didn’t highlight the Surah. :shrug:


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