Muslim leaders condemn British jihadis amid fears of UK terror attack 'within weeks'


MUSLIM leaders have issued a fatwa condemning British jihadis as fears grow that a UK terror attack could be just weeks away.

The fatwa, reportedly issued by imams, is the strongest condemnation yet of Britons joining Islamic extremists, including those fighting for Islamic State (IS), by the Muslim community.

The move comes in the wake of Britain’s terror threat being upped from “substantial” to “severe”, with the ruler of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah, insisting an attack on British soil could happen within a month.

Home Secretary Theresa May said the new alert level rated the risk of an attack on the UK as “highly likely”, although she said there was no evidence to suggest one was “imminent”.


With so many muslims living in England the chances of a terrorist attack happening over there and no muslims being killed would be slim.

I am glad the Imams are speaking out and the prime minister has placed new rules now on those Britons who go to fight jihad.


Terrorists won’t be asking about religion before a potential strike. If one is in the way, make no mistake, one is IN. THE. WAY.

It’s just like a drive-by shooting, but usually worse.

But it’s not enough to stop them from trying. Look at OKC, 9-11, Fort Hood, Attacks on London, Spain, ect.


Yes, agreed. The Imams speaking out is especially very good news. I don’t know if all this is enough though to prevent a terror attack - hopefully so. Probably depends on how far in advance the attacks are planned and organized.


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