Muslim mouthpiece


I am looking for the names of Muslim leaders who are spokesmen for peace, justice, and brotherly love.

I plan to use Google alerts so that I can follow along daily with what they are saying.

So come on Muslims, let me have it!!

I must warn you though, I’m getting tired of asking. I’ve made several requests and have gotten nothing but dead air.


The Head of Al Azhar Islanmic university for one.

Have you been following him?

His name is called Sayed Tantawi



Most who speak of peace mean it in an different sense, anyway.

Peace for Moslems is like when you submit to being less than a Moslem, they will be peaceful


Thank you meedo!


Actually the head of Al Azhar egged on the recent attacks against the Pope. He is not a nice peaceful academic. Some of his pronouncements are shall we say not nice.


Do you mean sub-servient to Moslems?


I mean accepting being less than Moslems, as ‘dhimmi’ status entails.


Exactly! Muslims “are the best of people” and therefore superior to us “dirty” kaffirs! We don’t rate higher than dogs or pigs!:eek:

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