Muslim nanny detained for decapitating young girl in Moscow


A burka-clad babysitter decapitated the little girl in her care before walking through Moscow carrying the child’s severed head, police say.

The woman shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as she appeared near Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station in the northwest of the Russian capital and threatened to blow herself up.

It came hours after officers found the headless body of a child when they were called to a fire at a block of flats in the city. (18+)

What a horror…


I’m totally speechless.


Horrifying yes. Surprising, no. Anyone that is surprised by this should get their head out of the sand.
Figs are not gathered from thorns.


As much as I’d like to say otherwise, I agree. I expect this sort of thing is going to become more and more common in the common years. And yet, anyone who voices concerns about the growing influence of Islam will be labeled a bigot…

That poor child, and her family. I pray for them. I also pray for this babysitter, who has chosen to embrace evil. May she find repentance before her death.


Some new info on the case.

  1. The child was strangled in her sleep and only then beheaded.

  2. She was pretty sick coz of problems encountered during her birth ( some kind of a central nervous system damage) and doctors said she wouldn’t be able to walk but her parents were saving money to get her an expensive surgery in Germany.

  3. Dat nanny wasn’t working legally. She didn’t have a work permit.

Well, at least the girl most likely didn’t feel anything so it wasn’t like in those ISIS videos.


Are trial memberships cancelled by poll? I vote cancell!


I don’t think any of that helps to hide the fact of how gruesome and bizarre this whole ordeal was.

I don’t think that’s how it works …




My guess is that they took issue with message #5.


Oh, ok. Not like ISIS at all.


Yep - Msg # 5.


Most likely the woman has mental health problems, in the background of jealousy for the husband, and she just went insane.


This was murder. I realise you’re not trying to wholesale justify this, but… none of the things you’ve said make this any more justifiable.


Truly horrifying indeed. I’m not going to comment on whether or not Islam is a religion of peace. I will say, though, that obviously this does not help anyone make such a case. And examples of violence in the name of Islam like this seem to be numerous.


One only need look at the first hundred years of the Mohammedan religion to understand its nature (a test I would apply to Christianity, as well).

Questions of the behaviour and beliefs of individuals, however numerous, are almost always non-starters.


May I ask a question? Are the the little girl’s (may God rest her soul :frowning: ) family also Muslims?


This was a pretty sick crime and has caused serious anger and disgust in Russia but my wife has plenty of Muslim friends and neighbours she grew up amongst there who I’d happily leave any kid with so using this crime as big stick to beat Islam with is not really a great idea. Also the correct term for the religion you are talking about is Islam.


Given the name of the girls mother I would seriously doubt it Luigi, the mother is called Ekaterina which is the Russian variant of Catherine and I would guess they are at least nominally Orthodox.


Thank you!

May I ask another question (and I am in no way blaming the parents)? Why would anyone hire a burka’d woman to babysit their kids, given the present political climate? Again, I am not blaming the parents-I am genuinely curious if I am missing something.


No, they definitely aren’t Muslim. This is a picture of the girl’s father from that Daily Mail article.

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