Muslim ninth grader arrested for bringing an electronics project to school

Ahmed Mohamed is a ninth-grader in Irving, Texas who likes to tinker with electronics. On Monday, according to the Dallas Morning News, he built a simple electronic clock — a project he said took about 20 minutes — and strapped it inside a pencil case.
He showed the project to his engineering teacher, who praised the design but advised him not to show it to other teachers. Later, in his English class, the clock beeped while it was in his bag. When he showed the project to his teacher, she thought it looked like a bomb.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the police arrested Ahmed and led him out of school in handcuffs. His school gave him a three-day suspension, and police are still investigating the incident.

Let’s pray for peace for this boy and that those involved may take a step back and think about what happened here.

Here’s a more full-bodied source. It seems as if he’s still suspended and there’s still the risk of charges being pressed for creating a bomb hoax. Let us all pray that this boy does not have this mark on his promising life.

This sounds truly insane.

Having said that, I’d like to share an experience from two days ago. A 6th grade student approached me in class with a question: “are you a Muslim?” He then continued - “I am a Muslim. I am not an American. I was born in this country, but I am not American. I am a Muslim.”

I understand that the kid is just a kid and is very young, (12) but his idea of identity, his self image and his rejection of America was a little disturbing.

Anyone else here have similar, or very different encounters with Muslims?

I don’t think this is because he was a Muslim. The schools in this country suspend kids for eating a poptart into the shape of a gun.

You can thank liberal zero tolerance policies for this nonsense.

When I was in sixth grade, one of my assignments was to build a Stone Age weapon and bring it to school.

The school authorities and the Police need to apologize to this youth and admit their mistake.

Exactly. This is where paranoia leads.

There is a lot more to this story.

And that would be…?

Though I typically revile Richard Dawkins, he called this kid out as a fraud:

Richard Dawkins Says ‘We Were All Fooled’ by Texas Teen Who Was Arrested for Bringing Homemade Clock to School

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