Muslim Pharmacist "racially abused" for refusing pill

Maybe we should hope for more Muslim pharmacists. This man refused the “morning after pill” but referred him elsewhere.

If it had been someone else, that pharmacist would probably have gotten bad press and lost his job.

The pharmacist, Mohammed Parvez, made arrangements for a chemist about three miles away to stay open so they could collect it.

Tameside magistrates heard Mr Mellett became aggressive, shouted `People like you should not be in this country’ and also said to Manchester-born Mr Parvez, who is of Asian origin: “Shut your mouth you black b******.”…

The hearing was adjourned until next month.

I commented on this when it was fresher earlier in the year. UK law is such that pharmacists and doctors do not need to supply contraceptive pills or arrange for abortions if it violates their own codes of ethics. They must however ensure their patients and can obtain information or access to these elsewhere. It would seem in this case the pharmacist was well within the law and I have personally dealt with some racist idiots in my career in retail. I’ve had a few Mr. Mellets in my face in my time going on about ‘them’ not knowing how to behave in a white man’s country blah blah blah.

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